Streamline Your Business Processes with HubSpot Automation


Automating your sales processes and workflows can increase your team's efficiency exponentially. It's no wonder that sales automation is such a huge industry in today's business world — corporate leaders know that to run a lean, mean sales machine, it's important to "trim the fat" in terms of automating tedious and easily repeatable processes. Read on for our review on how HubSpot automation can help you and your organization.

Automation ranges from simple to complex. For instance, automating reminders and follow-up alerts is generally a simple thing to do. In contrast, automating intricate workflows and sequences takes time, planning, and detailed execution.

In either case, HubSpot's CRM platform offers exceptional flexibility and functionality to meet most (if not all) of your automation needs. Let's discuss four key areas in which HubSpot automation can help you to streamline your sales, marketing, and CRM workflows and why you should consider implementing such automated processes in each aspect of your business.
A concept of HubSpot automation - female sales rep assisting a customer using a computer.

1. Automated follow-up for your marketing accounts

Lead capture forms and marketing emails are two key components that many marketers incorporate into their overall strategy. HubSpot automation allows you to directly add automation from its forms and marketing email tools. Because of this functionality, you can nurture prospects after they engage with your content (e.g., by signing up for a newsletter or clicking through to your site from an email). For instance, you can set triggers that will add prospects to your lead nurture contact list after they take a specific action or create a ticket to track a prospect's interactions with your business after they sign up with your form.

Even the simple workflows that HubSpot automation allows you to create have the capacity to execute multiple actions within a single sequence (up to 10 actions in total). Such actions may include:

  • Updating a contact's information
  • Sending a follow-up email to the contact (e.g., a welcome email after they subscribe to your content)
  • Adding the contact to a predefined customer segment in your CRM
  • Etc.

By implementing such automated workflows, your marketing team can focus on more tasks that require a "human touch," such as personalized content creation and adaptive scheduling.

Note: You can generate automated marketing follow-up tasks only in Marketing Hub.

2. Automated follow-up for your CRM system

Seamlessly moving a prospect through the sales funnel is one of the most challenging aspects of the modern sales process — especially when marketing should hand a lead over to sales (and occasionally vice versa). This is where a well-organized CRM solution can prove to be invaluable. And with automated follow-up tasks in the picture, you're bound to see exceptional results!

You can use CRM automation to set up a sequence of actions when a customer record reaches a specific deal stage or ticket status. For instance, you can alert your sales manager to follow up with a rep when one of your deals changes to the "Closed Won" status. On the other hand, you can also send internal memos to team members when a new ticket is created. Thus, ensuring prompt follow-up for each and every customer question.

When your CRM system incorporates automated features, it will be easier to align your sales and marketing departments. This way, you can ensure you don't neglect customer interest.

Note: You can generate automated CRM follow-up tasks in either Sales Hub (for deals) or Service Hub (for tickets).Sales and marketing team in the background discussing business sales operation - using HubSpot automation features.

3. Sales email automation and personalization

On the surface, it may seem like promoting "automation" and "personalization" in the same sentence constitutes a contradiction. Nevertheless, you can leverage HubSpot's built-in automation functionality to more effectively nurture your email leads over time.

For instance, when a prospect is enrolled into a sequence (say, after they download a free content offer from your company), you can setup a series of automated, timed emails to keep your brand at the top of their mind and (hopefully) nurture them through the buyer's journey. This sequence may include a fairly generic welcome email and a personalized "recommendations" email with a list of content pieces, products, and/or services they may be interested in. 

You can enroll contacts into an automated sequence via HubSpot's sequences tool, CRM records, sales email extension, or even by integrating your own email account. However you decide to implement this feature, never underestimate the power of automation to sort your customer base into appropriate segments, thus streamlining and enhancing your personalization.

Note: Using automated sequences as described is only for Sales Hub or Service Hub users with a Professional or Enterprise-level subscription.

4. Marketing, sales, and service workflow optimization

In today's complex business world, workflows are the saving grace for new hires and seasoned reps alike. You can use HubSpot automation to generate automated workflows that will inform your marketing, sales, and service processes. These workflows will automatically enroll records based on the triggers you set and execute a sequence of actions on them.

There are many ways to utilize workflows for optimized processes, including (but not limited to):

  • Generating an event countdown that can then be distributed to your leads
  • Setting up an automated anniversary marketing email to send to your loyal customers
  • Importing data into Google Sheets with a few quick clicks
  • Assigning leads to specific sales reps, usually on a rotational basis

The level of customization associated with HubSpot's workflows is truly mind-boggling. You have complete control over the workflow's settings. No actions take place when they shouldn't, and no records are created (or deleted) without a responsible person's knowledge. Moreover, you can test out your workflows ahead of time in the Workflow Editor and troubleshoot any issues that arise.

Note: Creating and editing workflows as described above is only for HubSpot users with Professional or Enterprise-level subscriptions.


At the end of the day, leveraging the power of HubSpot automation can take your business processes to new heights. It can also promote the growth of your brand at the same time! Want to learn more about how to effectively use HubSpot automation features? Reach out to our team of digital marketing experts at OverGo Studio today.

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