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Help your sales team achieve their goals in a scalable, predictable, and repeatable way by empowering them through sales enablement. We work with B2B Companies to create sales enablement programs that can drive revenue, improve win rates, and close more deals.


What is Sales Enablement?

Sales enablement is the process of building a foundation of assets and tools that your sales team can leverage to close more deals and drive revenue.

These tools and assets are designed to engage prospects at every step of the sales cycle and move them through the sales process to ultimately close them as customers.

You need to provide your prospects with the right asset at the right time. Due to the amount of information available online, buyers have all the buying power these days. So, it's important to create a systematic approach your sales reps can use to nurture your prospects, close more deals, and stay in control of the sales process. Creating this approach establishes your sales reps as trustworthy industry leaders.

Why is Sales Enablement Important?

If you don't maximize the efficiency of your sales operations you are losing out on potential revenue and jeopardizing your company's future.

Sales are the lifeblood of any organization. You need to get the most out of your sales team and marketing department to compete in any industry. Creating a sales enablement strategy will increase collaboration and uncover insights that can lead to increased sales. This is exactly why sales enablement is necessary. Improve your sales performance with an enablement program from OverGo Studio.

Implementing Sales Enablement

Align Your Teams

Both the marketing and sales departments should own the development of your sales enablement program. They must be aligned and understand exactly what their goals are and who they are targeting. This is important for creating the correct resources and deciding the best tools needed to implement sales enablement. Once you align your teams, you can establish your goals.

Group of employees working together
Man helping employee to establish goals

Establish Your Goals

Knowing exactly what you want to accomplish will start you down the right path to fixing your current sales process. These goals could be increasing deal size or shortening the sales cycle. It's important to identify these goals, so you can start figuring out which sales tools and content must be created to accomplish your goals. The next step is to analyze your current situation, so you know where you are and can decide where you are going.

Analyzing your current tools and processes can go a long way. Doing this helps you pinpoint which ones are effective or time wasters. Once you have a better understanding of what you should keep and what you need to scrap, you can start thinking about the actual plan.

Design Your Process

Once your teams are aligned and your goals are clear, you can start designing the processes and assets needed to empower your sales team. Having these processes and assets in place are great, but then you must know how to effectively deliver this information to prospects and then analyze results. Remember, sales and marketing alignment is key to not only creating the program but analyzing results and giving feedback. Sales must communicate back to marketing how the sales enablement assets are being received and which content is driving sales. Having open communications between marketing and sales is a critical aspect of perfecting a sales enablement process that thrives. This is where sales enablement tools come into play.

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Sales Enablement Tools

To start building your strategies, you need to have the right sales enablement tools in place. There are many different technologies your team could use and they will vary depending on your industry, preferences, company size, and other factors. Basically, the sales enablement software you choose to implement needs to make life easier for your sales team. Here is a breakdown of the top sales tool functions you could implement:

Sales content icon

1. Sales Intelligence

This tool arms your sales reps with helpful data around their prospect's industry. Many buyers expect sales reps to offer information that is tailored to their particular business and these tools do exactly that! Some great tools for this would be D&B Hoovers ZoomInfo, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, and buyer intent data. 

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2. CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

This tool helps you structure all of your prospect and customer data into one place. It will help you organize and manage all of your prospect relationships and data associated with those contacts. It also helps sales align with other teams in your organization by sharing this information with them. Some good examples of these tools are Salesforce, Microsoft dynamics 365, and Hubspot.

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3. Sales Content Management

This tool helps organize your assets and deliver that information to the prospect at the right time. It can help track how prospects engage with the content and identify which information works best for certain situations. Some good examples of this type of tool are Hubspot, Highspot, and Seismic.

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4. Sales Management

This type of tool helps management track major KPIs for insights on how to improve sales and create a predictable sales forecast from the current pipeline. A few helpful tools for this would be TopsOPPS, Clari, and Databox.

These are just the tip of the iceberg of sales enablement tools you may implement with your sales team. Having the right tools can help take your sales team to the next level!

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5. Sales Enablement Training

No matter how many years of experience a sales rep may have, it's still very important to create a training process for new and current sales reps to learn about product features, competitive knowledge, sales methodologies, and much more. A few tools for this would be Gong, HireVue, and Factor 8.

We Can Help You Grow Your Sales

Building a sales enablement program from the ground up is a complex undertaking.

By partnering with OverGo, we can help you design your sales pipeline and create the assets needed to take your sales team to the next level.

By filling out the form, you will receive a consultation with a sales enablement expert to see if your company is the right fit. If we decide to move forward, we will walk you through our sales enablement workshop to design a strategy that will:

  • Connect marketing and sales
  • Arm your sales team with the right content
  • Implement necessary sales enablement tools
  • Train your team on sales enablement best practices
  • And much more

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