Streamlining Business Processes with HubSpot Sales Automations


Of course, there are countless automations you can implement — some simple, and some complex. Which ones would be best for your business? In the information below, we'll discuss 6 HubSpot sales automations you should consider deploying, and why they're so helpful.
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Best HubSpot Sales Automations to Use for Your Business

1. Scheduling meetings with prospects

You can use the Meetings tool within HubSpot Sales Hub to send prospects your calendar, along with the days and times you're available, and let them book a time that works well for both of you. This process can easily be automated. It will only be triggered by certain actions or events (e.g., a prospect contacts your sales team with a product inquiry, responds to an email, etc.).

This is one of the great HubSpot sales automations to deploy since it eliminates the need for your sales team to spend hours of time setting up meetings manually. On an executive level, you won't have to hire a virtual assistant to keep track of your meetings for you. Best of all, such an approach is exceptionally convenient for the customer. This makes it much easier for them to progress through their buyer's journey.

2. Lead scoring

Acquiring a large number of leads is important, but it's only half the battle. It's also vital that you prioritize the leads with the greatest potential, and "strike while the iron is hot." Letting a warm lead grow cold is a wasted opportunity for winning a new customer. 

Of course, it may be challenging for your sales team to consistently and accurately score leads. For one thing, they must first understand which actions and behavioral patterns indicate that a lead is ready to convert. Moreover, it can be difficult to keep track of the data associated with hundreds, perhaps thousands of prospects all at once.

Setting up an automated lead scoring system in HubSpot CRM may be the perfect solution for this dilemma. For instance, you can program your CRM to alert your sales team when a certain threshold has been reached, such as when a prospect signs up for a limited-time offer on your website. You can also provide your team with clear guidelines on how to proceed once a high-priority lead has been identified. 

What will the ultimate result be? Your reps will pursue more high-quality leads and close more deals with a win.

3. Social media scheduling

Having a strong presence on social media is essential for building customer engagement, as well as reinforcing all of a company's other marketing channels. Of course, maintaining a robust presence requires regularly and consistently uploading posts to your social media accounts. With so many other tasks requiring their attention, it can be challenging for your sales reps to keep up.

Here again, automation can prove to be an invaluable asset. You can use HubSpot sales automations to schedule posts and updates on platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. This can be done both on the company level, and for individual team members (like your sales reps). With this automation, you don't have to constantly worry about new deadlines week after week. Instead, you'll only need to dedicate an occasional hour or two for your planning and setup session.
Business owners having a meeting about streamlining sales processes - using HubSpot Sales Automations.

4. Receiving alerts when leads visit your website

Your company's website is perhaps the single most important digital sales resource there is. Whether it includes payment processing capabilities or not, it is typically the primary portal through which prospects engage with your business, research answers to key questions they have, and educate themselves on your products and services.

In order to enjoy a comprehensive lead nurturing process, your sales team must first be alerted when a lead visits (or returns to) your website — perhaps to examine a particular product page. You can set HubSpot's CRM to notify the team member assigned to a specific lead when such an event occurs. This will enable the rep to quickly reach out to the lead and determine how they can best assist. 

5. Receiving reminders on inactive deals

In the world of sales, it can be all too easy for reps to forget about once-promising deals that stagnated and focus all of their energy on acquiring brand-new prospects. While lead generation is certainly important, there may still be a lot of potential in currently inactive deals. Perhaps the inactive lead would respond to a brief email, text, or call. In many cases, a proactive rep could revitalize the deal, and close it out with a win.

How can you help your reps not to neglect these inactive accounts? One way is to create automated reminders that are triggered after a deal has lain dormant for a predefined amount of time, such as 60 days. Once the time threshold has been met, the rep working the deal will receive a reminder to revisit it. This will hopefully get the ball rolling once again.

6. Automating follow-up tasks

Odds are your sales team performs quite a number of follow-up tasks on a regular basis. These may include sending confirmation emails after a customer purchase, sending promotional codes to newsletter subscribers, or reaching out to prospects who don't respond when you send a proposal or purchase order. 

Whatever the case may be, the question is: Are you able to save time by automating some (if not all) of these tasks?

You can use HubSpot Sales Hub to create templates for common follow-up messages that your sales team employs. Then, set conditions that will trigger the automatic delivery of these messages. Doing so will free up your team from other important activities. It may also contribute to an improved conversion rate in the process.

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Automation is one of the biggest advantages that any sales team can enjoy. Instead of keeping up with scores of tedious, routine activities every day, with HubSpot sales automations in place, your reps can focus on doing what they do best: nurturing leads and closing deals.