Sales Automation Tools - Finding the Perfect Fit for Your Business


The good news is you can have many of these other activities automated. Thus, taking it off your sales team's already full plate. Tasks such as composing emails, prospecting, and data entry can be performed with exceptional efficiency by pre-programmed software. And it's not too difficult to set up these automated processes!

Still, some sales automation tools are better than others when it comes to performing specific tasks. Which ones are right for your business? In the information below, we'll discuss 8 top sales automation tools that you should consider using in your sales process moving forward.

Sales professionals using a tablet device with sales automation tools to help them manage their tasks.

8 Sales Automation Tools You Should Consider Using in 2022 and Beyond


Lead generation is the "lifeblood" of most businesses. Without a steady influx of leads, your company may quickly lose revenue. Moreover, your business model may no longer be sustainable.

Leadiro is a great option for sales automation software focused on lead generation. The platform specializes in "smart" B2B contact data (e.g., contact data that can be filtered based on the needs of your company, down to a very granular level). Leadiro's database includes contact details for companies in almost 100 countries. It enables users to segment their target accounts based on demographic, firmographic, and technographic data.

Leadiro's base version is free, and paid subscriptions range from $99 per month up to $259 per month. Their premium plan includes 5,000+ contact downloads per month and dedicated support for your account. If lead generation is a focus area for your sales team, then Leadiro may be the right tool for you.


Modern consumers expect a personalized experience when they interact with brands. Failure to deliver on that personalization could cost your brand a lot of business. Fortunately, Clearbit can help you to achieve personalized sales messaging that will resonate with each prospect on your list. 

Clearbit's algorithm leverages real-time consumer data to help your sales reps conduct detailed lead research, and then quickly and effectively craft personalized messages for each prospect.

You'll have to contact Clearbit for pricing, although their plans are rumored to be between $99 and $199 per month. Want to take your personalization process to the next level? Then Clearbit Enrichment may be a good solution to explore!

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn is the top social network for business professionals around the globe, including well over 700 million active users in scores of countries. It is a powerful automated tool for sales reps who want to prospect, perform lead research, and contact high-value accounts in the B2B sector.

Navigator's advanced search feature enables users to segment LinkedIn users according to attributes such as company, industry, work experience, job title, and location (among other data points). This makes the prospecting process easier and more effective. You can also program Navigator to provide you with real-time alerts when prospects perform an action that could open the door to a conversation (e.g., if a lead changes employment or receives a promotion).

Subscriptions to LinkedIn Sales Navigator start at $64.99 per month. The money is well worth it if your reps spend a lot of time networking on the site.


Converting web visitors into leads, and ultimately paying customers, is a huge part of any comprehensive digital marketing strategy. The challenge is identifying who's visiting your site, and how to reach out to them after they leave.

Enter Leadfeeder. This automated "web intelligence tool" gives an assist to your sales team by showing which of your leads are visiting your site. It also shows how engaged they are based on metrics like time on page and pages visited. Leadfeeder also has a large database full of a specific company and contact data that will help your team to engage with the right B2B decision-makers at the right time.

Leadfeeder has a free plan, Leadfeeder Lite (try saying that 5 times fast!). They also offer paid plans beginning at $55 per month.

Team of business people having a meeting in an office about their company's sales automation strategies.


High-performing B2B companies have learned the power of combining artificial intelligence with an account-based sales process. Everstring is one example of a sales automation tool that leverages machine learning and natural language processing into actionable insights for B2B sales reps. 

For example, sales reps who are targeting specific accounts for high-ticket sales opportunities need detailed information on the stakeholders they're targeting. Everstring can fill in many of those data gaps by crawling the web and extracting relevant details from a variety of trustworthy sources (news articles, product pages, press releases, and so on). 

Subscribing to Everstring can fall on the pricey side; the company's basic cost for a license is evidently $820 per month. Nevertheless, this may be an invaluable tool for your team if high-ticket B2B sales are within their wheelhouse.


Lead scoring is a powerful way to prioritize your sales team's efforts, and reap the highest possible ROI from your marketing spend. Bombora is an automated tool that extracts intent data from the Internet. It can provide you with accurate lead scores for companies within your target industry.

Bombora is definitely a sales automation tool designed for enterprises since pricing typically starts at $25,000 per year. Reach out to Bombora's team to learn more about pricing, or set up a demo.


Sales forecasting can be an extremely tedious and time-consuming task when done manually. On the other hand, an automated forecasting tool like Clari can help your team to deliver accurate reports in a short amount of time.

You'll have to reach out to Clari's team for pricing, but expect to pay between $80-120 per user per month.

HubSpot Sales Hub

Many companies use HubSpot Sales Hub as a "one-stop-shop" for their sales automation. This platform enables users to create customized email templates for marketing campaigns. It can set up follow-up alerts for scheduled appointments, automatically log data from customer interactions, and track lead behavior (opens, clicks, replies, and so on). 

HubSpot's plans start at $50 per month. Many reps love HubSpot's simple, intuitive interface and robust sales automation capabilities. It's definitely worth a look!

Do you have any questions about these 8 sales automation tools mentioned above? Feel free to reach out to our team of sales and marketing experts at OverGo for a free consultation. We can help you identify the perfect automation tool for your business.

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It goes without saying that the main job of sales reps is, well, to sell. The problem is, there are so many necessary, yet extraneous tasks modern salespeople have to handle that they often lose sight of that primary function. In fact, one 2017 survey from HubSpot found that the average sales rep spends only 34% of their time actually selling. That's mind-boggling when you stop and think about it! That's where sales automation comes in.