HubSpot CRM: How to Create Deals from Inside of Your Inbox


Rick (00:00):Hi, I got a really quick tip for you today. There's a new feature inside of the HubSpot CRM that lets you create deals right inside your email system. You don't have to go into the CRM. It doesn't matter if you're using Gmail or Outlook. It works in both systems.

Rick (00:14):So let's jump into this, let me show you. Here I am in my Gmail. I got an email from somebody now that wants to book a consultation. So instead of having to create a deal inside of the CRM and jump in there, I could do it right from here. I go to the sidebar. I create deal. I put in deal name, test deal, amount, thousand. And you pick the deal stage.

Rick (00:40):So consult scheduled, and I'm going to click Create Deal. And that's it, and now the deal is inside of my pipeline inside of my HubSpot CRM. Anyway, like I said, it's a quick tip, and I hope you find this very helpful. Thanks for watching this and have a great day.

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