Setting Goals Setting Goals

Getting You Found Getting You Found

Getting You Leads Getting You Leads

Customer Acquisition Customer Acquisition

Customer Retention Customer Retention

Account Analysis Account Analysis




We customize a plan for your business.

The first step to creating an inbound marketing strategy is to define your business goals. Based on where you are and where you want to go, we create a road map of how to get there. Along this road we define the KPIs that tell us how we're doing. We look at your competitors, your industry market, and where you are in that market to create realistic and attainable goals.

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We drive quality traffic to your site.

This step is all about blogging, social media, paid search, and on page SEO. But we don't hand you a generic blogging or social media strategy and run with it. We do extensive research in regards to your industry, competitors, and customers looking at trending industry topics and assessing your customer's pain points, interests, and questions. From this research, we create content to bring the type of visitors to your website that fits your buyer persona. 

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We generate the qualified leads your sales team wants. 

We get you leads by giving your visitors opportunities to convert throughout your website. Lead generation spans through every stage of the sales funnel: top, middle, and bottom. We create premium content for each of these three stages based on your industry topics and buyer personas. 

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We unify your sales and marketing process. 

This is where we seamlessly integrate your sales and marketing. We ensure that leads are informed, and conversation-ready. We set up processes to keep your sales team on top of these leads such as lifecycle communications, lead nurturing, automated workflows, and closed loop reporting.

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We turn your customers into your promoters. 

Closing sales and getting customers are great goals to have. But we believe the relationship with your customers does not need to end there. We focus on turning customers into promoters of your business. After all, the best advocates of your products or services are those that have experience with them. We implement referral programs, continued customer education pieces, and segmented customer newsletters in order to keep your customers coming back for more. 

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We are your marketing team. 

Inbound marketing is an ongoing process that achieves growth over time. You will not see results overnight, but our regular reporting and analysis let's you know how we are focusing your marketing efforts to achieve your business goals. We provide your campaign with a dedicated account team, regular meetings, an online client center, customized monthly reporting including ROI analysis, and plan adjustments. 

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