Convert More Visitors with Video Marketing

Increase your sales leads with Video Marketing.

What is Video Marketing?

A well scripted video that clearly explains your product or service is the first step to increasing conversions. But a well scripted video with interactive elements, measuring your visitors' behavior, and adjusting to optimize your conversions is a guaranteed method to improving your sales.

Video Examples

B2B Sales Video
B2C Commercial
B2B SaaS Sales Video
B2C Facebook Video Ad
B2B SaaS Tutorial
B2B SaaS Tutorial
B2B Sales Funnel Video
B2B SaaS Sales Video
B2C Financial Sales Video
B2C Financial Vlog
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How We Do It

Assisting Sales With Advanced Video Metrics

We combine HubSpot's platform with Wistia to provide you with actionable information about your contacts' behaviors. Right from your CRM you can see which videos your contacts have watched and how much of each video he/she viewed.


In the above example we see that Doug (a contact in our database) watched 100% of our Compel Presentation video on Dec 11.  The darker yellow area shows us which parts of the video Doug re-watched.

Segmenting Your Contacts By Videos Viewed

The real power happens with the automated list building that allows you to offer customized content and videos to your contacts. In the above example Doug has now been automatically added to the smart list below. Our website knows what Doug has viewed and will offer him different videos and content based upon that. Our automated lead nurturing system is also in alignment with what content to send Doug.