How to Optimize Your Marketing Funnel, Part 2

by Mary Planding on September 21, 2017

This is a continuation of the blog series, "How to Optimize Your Marketing Funnel."

In my last post on How to Optimize Your Marketing Funnel, part 1 we went over the first 4 steps where you:

  • Investigated and defined your buyer personas' decision process
  • Created compelling content ...
  • That met your buyer personas' needs (and her influencers') at different stages in their decision process, and
  • Published/shared compelling offers with CTAs and Landing Pages for your content as widely as possible.

Now it's time to focus on setting up your lead nurturing efforts, tracking results, and analyzing them for insights.

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How to Optimize Your Marketing Funnel: Part 1

by Mary Planding on September 19, 2017

Optimizing your marketing funnel starts with mapping content. 

STEP 1 - Understand your buyer persona's decision process. Who's involved and what role do they play?

Get to really know your buyer persona. Interview customers who fit that particular persona, talk to the sales reps who closed the deals. Figure out what information the customer was looking for initially and how and why her information needs changed over time. Assuming you have the proper analytics in place that have tracked your customer's actions on your website from day 1, and how she responded to your lead nurturing efforts, you should be able to easily glean the details of her quest for information, the timing — all the different steps she went through and why.

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Help Your Business Grow - 6 Tips to Effective Marketing Online

by Mary Planding on August 31, 2017

With the plethora of marketing strategies out there, you want to know which ones will help your business grow, without taking you to the cleaners.

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Fostering Innovation in Your Business

by Mary Planding on August 29, 2017

If we're not fostering innovation in our businesses, chances are we won't be in business for the long haul.

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Fix Your Sales Funnel: Get Back to Basics

by Mary Planding on August 24, 2017

Lately, there's been a ton of energy put into to declaring (or defending) the superiority of a particular sales funnel / cycle / journey / [descriptor of choice]. In the rush to have one's point of view heralded as "the definitive model," we're overlooking the basics.

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