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Live from Social Media Marketing World - #10

Apr 8, 2015 4:00:00 AM

Social Media Marketing World in San Diego is the world's largest social media conference. I had the pleasure to go last week and be surrounded by 2,500 real superheroes of marketing. So much brain power in one building!

The sessions were amazing. High quality, big names, amazing content. The hardest thing was deciding which to attend. The best part was meeting so many fantastic people! I brought my recorder and found some interesting people to talk to. I only wish I'd done more!!!

Listen in as I geek out on various social and marketing topics and Kelly gets to fulfill a life-long fantasy of being an anchor woman. You should have seen her recording - hand to ear, waiting for my "live reports" to complete before she moved on. In case you didn't already know it, she's kind of hilarious.

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How to Get Started with Email Marketing - Dorien Morin #8

Mar 25, 2015 4:00:00 AM

Email consistently returns the highest ROI of any marketing you can do. Still, people tend to think that it's old-fashioned, or that people just don't open email anymore. Or, they feel like the time commitment is too much and the technology too complicated.

A few weeks back, I noticed my friend Dorien, who is a social media pro, had started an email newsletter. What really caught my attention was the way she freely admitted that this was something she should have done ages ago. Knowing the way she works, I also knew she would have done her research and it would be fresh in mind to share with you, our listener - saving you some time.  So, when she agreed to be our guest, I knew it would be good!

If you have been putting off email marketing - or another proven marketing tool that you KNOW you should be using, have a listen - you'll be inspired.

What's the Value of Email Marketing?

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Well, for Dorien, she had a past client contact her and two current clients contact her. It even generated more engagement on Facebook.

What's the Hangup? Finding an Email Tool That Works

When she first started, Dorien was a bit intimidated by her first choice in email provider. This time around, she looked at what friends and colleagues were using. She found the overwhelming favorite was MailChimp. She says it's nearly impossible to mess up. That sounds good. :)

How to Integrate Email with Social Media and Your Website

Dorien added a Facebook app for email signups. Consider changing your Facebook page cover photo that literally points to the app. Like this...

In your emails, you can mention that you have a contest on Facebook, a new board on Pinterest, etc.

Add a signup form to your website. Dorien used a sidebar signup form for four years.  She found about one person a month signed up. Now, she has a popup on every page of her website. It appears about 7 seconds in to your visit. If you click out of it, it won't appear for another week. She got five new opt-ins in the first week of using the popup. She used the plugin MailMunch along with MailChimp. She assures us that it's easy to set up, so why not try it!

How to Get More Email Opens

Create a great subject line and provide your readers something that they need. If they need XYZ and they need A, that's not going to work.

Be consistent. Especially initially, send out your message at the same time every week.

Timing matters. Think about your readers and then test the time you think will work. Dorien chose Thursday at lunch time because her audience is business owners - and often business owners have a habit of checking email around noon. It always pays to experiment, too!

BONUS TIP: If you are using LinkedIn publisher, try publishing Thursday at noon.

How to Get More Clicks

Include a (Call to action) CTA! It sounds basic, but so often that is missing! Provide the same link several times in the same email so you aren't expecting people to go back to the link to find it.

What Numbers Should You Look at to Measure Success?

Look at open and click through rates.

How to Avoid Looking Like a Spammer

It needs to be personalized and provide value. Talk like a human talking to a human! Avoid the hard sell.

Consider the age of your list, too. If you haven't emailed your list in a year, realize that some of them will forget who you are and you could be get more spam reports. Another reason to be consistent!!

What About Email Segmentation?

It sounds a lot more complicated than it needs to be! You could divide people up into different lists based on industry, business size, job title - but you can also segment based on how engaged they are, or what made them sign up. That way you can keep them engaged with the type and frequency of content they want.

What About Personalization? Good or Creepy?

People love to see their own names, even when we all know that it's really easy to add that. Use it. Don't cross the "creepy" line. For example, if you collect a lot of data from people, be respectful of people's comfort levels.

Is it Time to Graduate?

Dorien finally decided it was time to grow her business and she knew what she had to do. There are other projects she wants to do, but they just couldn't happen without email. Sound familiar? Dorien decided to just sit down and learn it that day - and she did! So, all that procrastination and she did it in a day!!

So, what are your hangups? What's holding your business back? Can you just do it?

Listener Question: If you could have a super power, what would it be?

Kelly would like to be able to never sleep, but have all the benefits of sleep - to do more marketing.

I would like to fly so I could travel without hassle. Wearing the cape, I feel like I'm almost there. :)

Doreen would like to fly so she can visit her family in the Netherlands.

Resources and Handy Links:

About Dorien

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How to Use Social Media for “Boring” Businesses - Peg Fitzpatrick #4

Mar 3, 2015 8:12:00 PM

Anyone can make an engaging social presence for a fashion, pet or kid’s brand, but what if your business doesn’t lend itself to cute and fun content? Will anyone want to hear from you? Peg has made a success of social media for businesses that are a perfect fit for social AND those that seem like a stretch. We asked her here to teach us how – because we know lots of business owners feel like social media success isn’t possible for someone in their “boring” business.

PS – There is a little “swooshing” sound throughout, and for that we apologize, but trust me, you’re going to love this episode anyway.

It’s Not All Kittens and Cupcakes! Sometimes Marketing is a Challenge

No one ever said marketing is easy. If it’s not working, don’t spend your time complaining – get creative and make it work! And yeah, Peg can say this because she’s done social media for a dry cleaning chemical company for years. Yikes. She shares her tips including posting consistently and sharing great content, not worrying too much about engagement because she knows it’s working.

How to Know What to Share

Every once in a while she’ll ask fans what they want to see. Recently she discovered that they want more of the inspirational quotes. Huh!

Everything she posts, she asks, is this relevant to the audience? Will it help make their business better? And sometimes you do have to think way outside the box. After a while you will know what works and what your audience enjoys.

And remember, social media is not about sales, it is about being helpful. Can you think of a series of “Did you know?” tips that you could share? People love to share those!

Think about the life of your customer – think about what will help them in multiple areas of their lives.

We asked Peg, “Is there any business that is too boring for social media?” Well, social media is where people meet customers now. If you don’t have a physical presence, you NEED to be online especially. Everyone has gone mobile, too, so you need to be discoverable. It’s not even a choice.

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Why Do Business Owners Resist Social Media?

People are still afraid of negative feedback. Well, people are already complaining. Wouldn’t you like to be a part of the conversation? If you’re not on top of it, your competitor will be!

How Do you “Peg” a Post for Content Amplification?

Share it in a way that looks good on all platforms. Create images that look great on each platform you use. Make sure your blog posts are shareable. Don’t miss the opportunity to allow people to share your content easily.

Peg recommends starting your sharing from Pinterest. Then you can share a “pin it for later” link on other platforms as well. Did you know that when you click on a “pin it for later” link from your phone, it opens right up in the Pinterest app! If you want a great step-by-step, check out her book, The Art of Social Media.

Resources and People to Follow:

Social Warfare! It is a great plugin to allow you to add your Pinterest image in a great big size that will look great on Pinterest, but it doesn’t go in your blog post and slow it down.

About Peg Fitzpatrick

Co-author of The Art of Social Media: Power Tips for Power Users • rockin' a positive attitude • passionate about social media Peg Fitzpatrick is an author, a speaker and, social media marketing pro. Covering all the major social media platforms, she frequently hears “you’re everywhere!” She’s passionate about life, social media, and inspiring others to be their best.

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