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Superheroes of Marketing Podcast Manifesto - Episode 1

Feb 2, 2015 11:21:00 AM

We are sworn to protect the excellence of your marketing, but what does that mean? What can you expect from our podcast?


Just a few months ago, Kelly and I decided we should produce a podcast together. We share a love of marketing and enjoy working together on OverGo Studio clients, so it sounded like fun.

And it has been! From choosing our theme to buying costumes (!!!!) and having a great photoshoot on the beach, it has been a blast. It's also been a lot more work than we anticipated.

We are so grateful for the help of Rick at OverGo Studio, Jeff Sieh of Manly Pinterest Tips, Vincent Ng of MCNG Marketing, and especially for Carol Lynn and Ralph (Chief Executive Superheroes of Marketing Baby Daddy) Rivera of Web Search Social.

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It is our goal to create a podcast that always sounds great in audio quality and composition. We want the small business owner to listen and have at least one "Aha!" moment per show. We vow never to be boring and never to forget who the real superheroes are.

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Your Hosts

Alisa Meredith is Co-owner at Scalable Social Media, Social Media Evangelist at OverGo Studio, and subject to the whims of her two poodle mixes as well as a new-found addiction to running. Lately, she’s surprised her introverted self by developing a penchant for podcast and Hangout appearances.

Kelly Kranz is the client services manager at OverGo Studio. She has had a heavy hand in shaping how OverGo Studio runs as a marketing agency today. She may be young but her opinions are rooted from real life business woes and successes.

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You let us become a part of your day, so we will respect your time and make sure you will always come away with something you can use.

Be Nice

The world needs more kindness, so we will never be mean, negative or too sarcastic.


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