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The Slam Dunk Secret to Super Social Sharing - Dustin Stout #23

Posted by Alisa Meredith on Jul 15, 2015 4:00:00 AM


 The Slam Dunk Secret to Super Social Sharing - Dustin Stout #23

Co-founder of Wordpress social sharing plugin Social Warfare, Dustin Stout came by the podcast to talk about the plugin and the best practices for getting other people to share your content that are behind the programming and interface of this amazing tool. Even if you don't use Wordpress and can't get Social Warfare, you can use the principles to expand the reach of your content far beyond yourself.

Set Yourself Up for The Best Shares

Understand your audience on each network. Get to know the culture and the way people consume content and what engages them. Create your images and the social messages to accompany them with care. In some cases, this means using great alternate text on images. In the best cases, your social sharing plugin will help you customize them.

The Best Shares Go Beyond You

Seems simple, right? Thing is, you can craft the best social sharing messages and they might not go anywhere. But you want to make it easy for other people, including influencers with a much bigger audience than you currently have. If you can make sharing a platform-optimized image and description as easy as clicking one button, you will see things take off.

For example, Dustin has noticed that his best traffic drivers on Pinterest are NOT those that he's pinned - it's pins from other users with more reach. Let other people help you spread your message and make it easy.

That's what social sharing plugin for Wordpress Social Warfare does. You can add the perfectly-sized image for social media (and Pinterest separately) and then craft custom messages for each platform. Here's the way it looks in the Wordpress dashboard:


 Then, when you click on the Pinterest button, you can see it picks up the intended image:


Creating the Best Image

business-blog-guide-735x11021What is the message of the blog post? It might not be the title, exactly. Figure out the hook that would draw YOU in. Dustin gave the exmample of a blog post titled, "Find the right website host or your website could be toast." So, you might use an image of toast! Use a little humor, home in on the message and put some text on it.

Create branded templates for your images to save time. You can save your filters and styles in many common programs including our favorite, Canva. Dustin says he can make images in ten minutes with this method. He also likes to sneak in the Weal Media logo whenever possible. Can you spot it in the image at left?

Click-Bait with Bullet Points

I love this tip! If your article is "Five Steps to Becoming the Michael Jordan of Social Media" you can put a couple of steps on the pin and invite them to click for more. You're providing value, but giving people the option to get more.

What Makes a Great Logo?

Who are you? Who do you serve? Until you figure that out, you're not ready to create a visual identity. Dustin loves Nike - it manages to be universal and descriptive in about the most simple way possible. And somehow we keep coming back to Michael Jordan. It's about communicating your identity in a way that will position you in the hearts and minds of your audience for a long time. (Tweet this.) That's not something you should cheap out on. Ever.The Slam Dunk Secret to Super Social Sharing - Dustin Stout #23

About SnapChat, Live Streaming Video and Disappearing Content

It's difficult for people who are used to taking time to craft content to deal with content that disappears so quickly. I admit to the same issue. I haven't yet figured out how to make it work for marketing. Live streaming with Meerkat and Periscope is something both of us have experimented with - it's great for real-time feedback and engaging with your audience. Plus, you can save it to your phone to upload later.

About Dustin Stout

dustinBorn on the same day as Michael Jordan (not the same year, he clarifies), Dustin is the owner of and co-owner and Chief Marketing Officer of Weal Media.

He admits to obsessing over design, wants to hang out with Kelly, and told me I'm not dumb (thanks, buddy). He's also really good at the gameshow.


Topics: Social Media, Video Marketing, Interactive Videos, Content Marketing, livestreaming

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