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Nuclear Chowder Marketing Method - Mike Brooks #26

Posted by Alisa Meredith on Aug 12, 2015 6:58:44 PM

 Nuclear Chowder Marketing Method - Mike Brooks #26

What is Nuclear Chowder, you might ask? Well, we did too - first thing. Turns out sometimes a business name can be a marketing lesson. Also, Kelly and Mike compare awards.

Friend Acquisition Campaigns

What's that now? It's a lead capture campaign without the hunting metaphors. Really, shouldn't we be attracting friends? After all, people buy from people they know, like, and trust. So, rather than pursue "targets" draw friends in by helping them.

Think Local

Mike works with local and national companies, but the people who win are the ones who know how to talk to each other in real life.  Nothing turns people off more than a hard sell as soon as you connect. Ever accepted a LinkedIn connection and then immediately gotten a message to  "buy this" or "follow me here"? The same thing happens face to face. When you're having a conversation and your partner isn't listening, but is planning the next thing to say, connections aren't made.

Do you network locally? Try networking events, and then have a plan for follow-up, which might mean LinkedIn, email, or a phone call. There is no better way to remain top of mind than to meet someone in person and keep in touch.

Tips for Effective Trade Shows - Have a Widget

Even if you're not selling an actual widget, you can have a lead magnet - something that is valuable enough to be worth giving out their contact information. You could collect business cards in exchange for entry to a drawing for something like an Amazon Kindle. In addition, consider taking bundles of your completed reports, ebooks, CDs, whatever lead magnets you have.  If someone doesn't win the Kindle, you could always send them an electronic copy of your most popular ebook.

We love swag. Make sure you're giving away something branded. If you can make it an experience coupled with a takeaway, even better! Mike used the example of providing boards for kids to break at his martial arts trade shows. The boards had his business name on them. He's also used a prize wheel where most of the prizes were a free lesson or package of lessons. Let people have fun and you'll make a connection.Nuclear Chowder Marketing Method - Mike Brooks #26

Challenges of the Local Business Owner

Local business owners are typically trying to wear twelve hats. As much as they'd like to turn their marketing over completely, they still need to have an understanding of marketing, which is why Mike wrote The Nuclear Chowder Marketing Method. It was originally intended as a handbook for his new customers so they would understand his philosophy. It's about what you do before you start marketing.

Guess What? Marketing is About Selling -- And That's OK

Is sales a bad word? Do you write content and give, give, give, hoping that people might buy from you one day? There needs to be a process in place to qualify your prospects, segment your list to address specific problems.

If you have a product or service that solves a problem, when you convince them to take advantage of it, you are doing them a favor. So stop apologizing for selling. And, make sure your marketing is supporting your selling. What problem are you solving? Sell that and feel great about it.

About Mike Brooks

Mike is a tea snob, speaker, teacher, writer, podcaster, husband and father. He's the owner of Nuclear Chowder Marketing . He also claims that Ian Anderson Gray must be banished to New Jersey for his lack of love for Earl Grey tea. He also tried to convince on us that superheroes are fictional. The horror! We like him anyway.

Connect with Mike:

Mike Brooks, please properly brew some loose-leaf tea and enjoy with our compliments as you enjoy this clip:

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