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The Importance of Niche - Jeff Sieh #24

Posted by Alisa Meredith on Jul 21, 2015 4:00:00 AM


The Importance of Niche - Jeff Sieh #24


Combining a clear niche with powerful branding can open a whole new world to you. The great thing about is that it doesn't have to limit you. Jeff Sieh and his powerful beard have provided a fantastic case study for business owners who are looking to expand their reach by narrowing their focus.

Out of the Ocean and Into the Wading Pool

You COULD market to "everyone" but then you are competing with everyone. Since you can't work with everyone even if they were banging down your door, it's better to own your own little corner of the market.  What are you good at? How do you help people? How can you narrow down your target audience and then narrow it some more?

Make Your Niche Your Own

Look at different strategies and ideas from your intended niche and elsewhere. How can you make it different? Someone else might be doing something similar, but with smart branding, you can stand out.

Stumble Upon Your Perfect Niche

Look at what is working and what you love. Jeff wrote some great articles about Pinterest that did really well. Friends encouraged him to start a Pinterst show. Now he's speaking at Podcast Movement, his Social Media Marketing Show interview drops this week, and his narrow focus - Pinterest with a manly angle, has opened many more doors than it's closed.

Track Down Your Niche

The perfect mix is an industry in which you have experience, for which you have a passion, and in which there is a budget! So, if you, unlike Jeff, have experience in knitting, you love it and the people who knit, but your audience has no money to spend on your product or service, keep looking. When the three converge, you'll have your niche and you'll love your work!

Sticking With It

If you're going to explore a niche, make sure you have enough time and money to give it a fair chance. At first it will fee like you are talking to yourself and that's OK. Use that time to learn and experiment. Some of my most popular blog posts are an account of me figuring out how to use something and then documenting it for everyone else to learn from - and for me to refer back to.

Have a Backup Plan

Remember the people who built a business on MySpace? No? Me either. If you are building your business on one platform owned by someone else, you are building a house on sand. In Jeff's case, though he's the Manly Pinterest Guy, he's expanded out to visual marketing in general.

Report on study showing that women find bearded men more attractive AND are more likely to buy when a product page features a bearded model. Will Jeff Sieh's next gig be as an Abercrombie & FItch model? Time will tell.

About Jeff Sieh

JeffSiehJeff hosts a popular video and audio podcast called Manly Pinterest Tips.He's also a blogger, speaker and owner of HIS Design Online. He's also a family man with two kids, a dog and 3 hives of honey bees.

Topics: Social Media, Video Marketing, Content Marketing, livestreaming

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