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Is Marketing Automation Right For My Business? - Jill Fratianne #19

Posted by Alisa Meredith on Jun 10, 2015 10:09:00 AM

 Is Marketing Automation Right For My Business? - Jill Fratianne #19

Last week on the podcast, Ian Anderson Gray served up a selection of tools that businesses can use to make great marketing. Most of the options are budget friendly and together, you can do just about anything you need to to promote your business.

But, having many tools for many functions does increase the amount of time you'll need to spend on your marketing. So, what about an all-in-one, like our choice - HubSpot? Which companies make a succcess of it? Who better to ask than Jill Fratianne, my HubSpot channel account manager and unofficial cheerleader?

Why Marketing Automation?

When someone visits your site and opts in to your mailing list, they need to hear from you - right away, and consistently - for a long time before they are ready to buy or to have a conversation with you. Marketing automation allows you to do that well, automatically. Imagine having to remember who you emailed, when and what you included in the message?

Marketing automation like that faciliatated by HubSpot can also show you exactly where your traffic, leads, and even customers, are coming from - something Google Analytics will never allow you to do. It's powerful ROI measurement which allows you to make better decisions about where to spend your marketing time and energies.

Speaking of time - marketing automation will save you time - a lot of time.

Who Is Not a Good Fit for Marketing Automation?

You might think that a HubSpot employee would say that marketing automation is the right choice for any business owner, but I know from bringing leads to Jill that there are times when a business is just not a good fit for one reason or another.

Marketing automation programs are tools. Just like that treadmill in the corner won't work off last night's pizza if you don't use it well and consistently, HubSpot and other marketing automation suites are not magic easy buttons. Sorry.

This means you either need to invest in training and time, or in hiring a skilled agency to help you. If that is not in the budget, save your money and don't try marketing automation.

What About Culture?

When a sales team is used to outbound calling, trade show leads, etc. the management needs to be totally committed to making the most of your new inbound leads and this needs to be embraced by the sales team. There is a fantastic (free) CRM right in HubSpot, so once they see how well it works, it should be a very popular decision!

What About B2C Companies? marketing automation works well for B2B companies with longer sales cycles that require more nuturing, marketing automation is also a must for B2C companies who need to create and build a connection with their website visitors and keep in touch up until and after a sale.

Jill cites the example of startup Oru Kayaks, a company whose product she has yet to buy, but whose business and marketing have already made such a great impression on her that she's telling the world about it. If you're marketing a B2C product, check out what Oru is doing.

So, what about you? Is Marketing Automation right for your business?

About Jill

JillJill is a Channel Account Manager at HubSpot (I think CAM should stand for "Cheerleader of Amazing Marketing"). She helps marketing agencies and businesses grow by using inbound marketing facilitated by HubSpot software. She's also co-owner of Granite Ridge Estate Barn - a breathtakingly gorgeous Maine wedding venue. She uses social media to promote this as well and is excited to be starting their first full season of weddings. Check out the site - it is gorgeous!

Oh, and we would be remiss if we did not mention Jill's gigantic friend, Luke Skywalker - the gorgeous Blue Merle Great Dane who has his own YouTube channel and has appeared on America's Funniest Videos. He had to be pried off his bed for our podcast episode. Sorry we ruined your nap, Luke!

Topics: Social Media, HubSpot Tips, Podcast, Content Marketing, blogging

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