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How to Manage Social Media in Fifteen Minutes a Day - HubSpot's Robyn Showers - #16

Posted by Alisa Meredith on May 20, 2015 4:00:00 AM

How to Manage Social Media in Fifteen Minutes a Day - HubSpot's Robyn Showers - #16

Robyn Showers runs HubSpot's social media with one other person. With hundreds of thousands of followers, and many departments to coordinate with, how do they get it all done? We figured that, aside from coffee, she must have some time-saving social media tips she could share with all of us.

Know How to Write "Good"

Become a better writer by reading and writing more. You'll find your social media updates getting better and more effective. Headlines are so important in social - you MUST draw people in with those first few words. Learn to write good headlines.

Know Your Goals

HubSpot's goals are to be helpful and be lovable. Robyn says on Twitter they focus on sharability and traffic. LinkedIn stays super professional, "Help people do their jobs better," sharing the tricks of the trade, tips, and tools. On Facebook they share mostly blog post since people are there looking for news and helpful information.

Robyn says they've seen a lot of success in sharing blog posts and integrating paid advertising on Facebook.

Don't Be Afraid to Try Something Different!

Robyn noticed that sharing downloadable offers on Facebook wasn't working great - and it looked spammy. So, despite the misgivings of the crew, she changed it out and started sharing only blog posts - and Facebook is now their top lead generating platform even though they're not sharing landing pages!

Know Your Power Platforms

For Business to Business companies, HubSpot finds that LinkedIn leads convert to customers at a much higher rate than leads from other platforms.

For B2C - if your audience is there and your competitors are not, go there!! Find a niche and pay attention to where your audience is.

What About Visuals?

Every tweet has an image! They get shared more often.

Robyn_Showers_InstagramAll Facebook updates feature embedded images, rather than uploading images. Facebook has determined that all images are "meme" and what people want is news. So, sharing a link and allowing the image to come up (or specifying an image) will give you greater reach. Best practice? Make sure every blog post has an image that will get pulled into a Facebook link preview.

Does Being Social Mean You're Committed to 24/7?

It is so easy to become addicted. Social never sleeps, but humans do (even Robyn and teammate Chelsea). While peope may expect an answer right away, Robyn uses HubSpot's social tools to prioritize messages which need an immediate answer. With the volume of communication they receive, it's a must!

What About Paid Social?

Though there is a separate department to handle paid social at HubSpot, we had a nice talk about Facebook retargeting. It is so powerful! It allows you to show Facebook ads on Facebook to people who have visited your website. If you think you'd ever like to use it, install the Facebook retargeting pixel now so it can start collecting your visitors. 

This is how, when you look at a pair of shoes and then go to Facebook, an ad for that pair of shoes follows you until you break down and buy them. :)

Trends in Social

What Robyn noticed is the big interest in visuals and video - especially native video on Facebook. Robyn says it gets so much engagement, "It's not even fair!"

Robyn has been surprised at how interested people are in their culture. Their Pericope broadcasts give a behind-the-scenes look at the company that people really love. Robyn loves to use Periscope for "AMAs" or "Ask me anything" discussions. It's fun to get the real-time interaction, which is why we are streaming our podcasts live.

What We Took Away From Social Media Marketing World

Robyn and I met at Vincent Ng's Pinterest presentation (which was great!). If you are supporting the people who support your business, good things will happen. Robyn noticed how many of the basics still needed to be covered and we both gushed over Jay Baer's "Hug Your Haters" presentation showing the power of being a good person on social media.

Much name dropping here because my favorite part REALLY was meeting a lot of wonderful and intelligent people.

What's The Best Use of Social Time?

Create content!! Create images, create slideshares, give people bite-sized pieces of information to consume and share.

Should We Ungate Our Content?

I've been reading Mark Schaefer's The Content Code and he shook up my HubSpot world by suggesting we tear down the gates and let people have our content without requiring people to submit a form.

Robyn says HubSpot used to leave all their content ungated to build the trust so people knew they would provide value. Now it has been proven through their content that what they offer is worth the price of sharing contact information. Consider building that trust with your audience first! You're also likely to build your traffic sooner as people are more likely to share ungated content.

If you are not nurturing your leads, ungate your content! If you are not equipped to manage social media effectively, don't be on every platform. Prioritize.

How to Manage Social Media in Less Time

HubSpot's social tool is fantastic for monitoring social streams and publishing social messages. If you're not using HubSpot, try SproutSocial or Buffer and TweetDeck for scheduling updates and monitoring for mentions of your business or industry. Set up some Google Alerts to look for relevant information. Set up a Google Alert for Quora questions, too. People on Quora haven't found what they are looking for on Google - they want YOUR expert opinion.

Don't get sucked in! Focus on social, because you can monitor it all in 10-15 minutes a day. Have a list, have goals in mind. Stick reminders on your calendar, which seems so basic, but it makes a big difference. Set a timer if you need to!

Do social in batches! Spend 25 minutes finding content for the week, 25 minutes creating images, 25 minutes scheduling things out. This is the pomodoro technique - sprint to get that task done in that time.

The Biggest Mistakes People Make on Social Media

The extremes - either ignoring social completely or trying to be everywhere.

Thinking about publishing before you listen. First see what people are saying and see what your role could be in those conversations. Don't add to the noise - be part of the conversation. (tweet this!)

About Robyn Showers

RobynHer background in creative copyrighting serves Robyn well as the social media manager at HubSpot. You can reach her on Twitter (of course) at @Robyn_says.

Her cats Calvin and Hobbes say she's an aspiring cat lady, but we can neither confirm nor deny. :)

Topics: Social Media, Content Marketing, blogging

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