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Live from Social Media Marketing World - #10

Posted by Alisa Meredith on Apr 8, 2015 4:00:00 AM

Social Media Marketing World in San Diego is the world's largest social media conference. I had the pleasure to go last week and be surrounded by 2,500 real superheroes of marketing. So much brain power in one building!

The sessions were amazing. High quality, big names, amazing content. The hardest thing was deciding which to attend. The best part was meeting so many fantastic people! I brought my recorder and found some interesting people to talk to. I only wish I'd done more!!!

Listen in as I geek out on various social and marketing topics and Kelly gets to fulfill a life-long fantasy of being an anchor woman. You should have seen her recording - hand to ear, waiting for my "live reports" to complete before she moved on. In case you didn't already know it, she's kind of hilarious.

Ambushing Ian Anderson Gray

Why podcast? Ian loves the way it helps you cement relationships (me too). But what kind of committment is involved? Should you have a partner? Who will your audience be? Well, we hope he gets it figured out so we can tune in!

Find out more about the captivating Ian Anderson Gray at Here we are in Old Town (he's in the blue plaid) before the event started with previous Superhero guests Dorien and Vincent!


3D Printing with John

YuliGoProJohn came to lunch with some really interesting little goodies. He had a 3D-printed GoPro holder (at left, with Yuli) and what looked like a bicycle chain. Bizarre!!!

I let Captain Xeriqua ("Erica") Garfinke from the Army Reserve ask him some questions, such as, "Wha????" We also wanted to know - what's the application for small business and what's social media got to do with it?

Learn more about I3D Creatives here.


Greg Gordon Likes to Party!

GregPartyMachinesWell, by party, I mean he likes to listen to marketing and history podcasts and has a business selling snow and bubble machines! He has some definite opinions about podcasting Don'ts that are worth a listen. Check out Greg's party machines, too. They're "literally awesome" - that one's for you, Greg.

The Future of Google Plus with Ronnie Bincer

Ronnie Bincer is the Hangout Helper, so I knew he would have something to say about the rumors of the demise of Google Plus. He did.

He also has a theory as to why everyone wants to see the platform die a painful, public death. Have a listen and check out his Hangout Helper videos. Because (spoiler alert) G+ isn't going anywhere, and the platform is amazing.


Wade Harman Talks Promoted Pins

I highjacked Wade's video hangout to interview him as he interviewed me. Wade talks about how well Pinterest promoted pins work - even when your image stinks. Check out Wade's insightful blog. Here he is looking very serious with Superhero Jeff Sieh.


Oh, and it is no coincidence how many photos (and recordings!) Jeff ended up in. He was one of my SMMW buddies. As nice as it was to meet so many new people, it was also wonderful to have some familiar faces around.

Social Media Marketing World did an absolutely outstanding job at organizing the event. The facility was perfect. Everything was smooth, no waiting around. The most impressive part to me was the way they baked networking in to the whole thing. There was plenty of time set aside for networking, and there were even tips in the keynotes on HOW to network.

At the opening night party on the ship, they gave each of us a bingo card and a pen. The goal was to fill out as many squares as you could with Twitter handles of people fitting the criteria for each square. This was the perfect ice breaker! All you had to do was go up to a stranger and ask, "Did YOU have a Walkman when you were a kid?"

It was also a great place to try out Meerkat. I had a great broadcast on the ship, with people asking my interviewee questions I could ask in real time. what fun!

I hope you enjoy these little snippets - if you'd like in on all the sessions - you can still get a virtual ticket. Maybe I'll see you there next year!

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