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Constant Contact's Instagram Tips for Business Success - Azure Collier #25

Posted by Alisa Meredith on Aug 5, 2015 4:00:00 AM

 Constant Contact's Instagram Tips for Business Success - Azure Collier #25 

Constant Contact uses Instagram to show the inner workings of the company - a glimpse of life there and the people behind the scenes who are busy making marketing better for their customers. They also share useful marketing tips for the DIY marketer. Follow them @constantcontact on Instagram, then cozy up for a great and informative conversation with Azure Collier. We promise even the smallest businesses can use these ideas!

Humanizing By Sharing Lessons Learned

Check out the #failfriday images on Constant Contact's Instagram account. Employees volunteer to share their marketing fails, showing that everyone has to learn - sometimes the hard way. Who wouldn't relate to that?

We have a photo tip for this week's #FailFriday! Mindy Cohen @mjcohen3, a Solution Provider Partner Account Manager at @constantcontact, said she didn't know that the square setting on iPhone cameras allowed you to take photos that fit perfectly on Instagram! If you have an iPhone and you post to Instagram, try using the square setting so that your image fits the dimensions of the app. Before uploading your photo to Instagram, you can always use photo editing apps like @wordswag, @pixlr, @over to add text and other effects, or Layout and PicStitch to create collages. If you're curious about the painting in the background - it's a painting called "Ostriches" by @RESA_VISUAL_ARTIST on loan to the Reservoir Place offices from @DECORDOVASPANDM #instagrammarketing #instagrammarketingtips #instagrammarketinggenius #socialmediamarketing #socialmediamarketingtips #smallbusinessmarketing #nonprofit #nonprofitmarketing #visualcontent #visualcontentmarketing #smallbusinesslove #smallbusiness #smallbizlife

A photo posted by Constant Contact ✉️ (@constantcontact) on

Could you do something like that with your business? Think about some of the common mistakes your customers make related to your product or service. Have you or your employees done something similar? Fess up and create common ground.

30-Day Instagram Challenge

Turn your challenge into a scavenger hunt! People like that idea, and it works great for local businesses. Partner up with other local businesses and create a special hashtag you can all use to get people involved, share your personality and help create a relationship through fun!

Cross Promotion and Repurposing

It's tricky becaues the only clickable link you get is in your profile. Promote blog posts by sharing a tip or two in an image and invite people to visit the blog to read more. Don't be surprised when not a lot do, but the ones who do - well, they are REALLY interested, so they might be some of your best social-driven traffic.

Getting ready to do a webinar or live stream? You could post it on Instagram, but make sure the image and whatever tips you give can stand on their own so it's still valuable after the presentation is done.

Don't Miss Your Favorites - With Instagram Alerts

Here's a new feature from Instagram. If you don't want to miss your favorite Instagrammer's photos, turn on alerts. Here's how:

Your followers might not be aware of this and might want to sign up for your updates, so go ahead and tell them just like Azure did! Chances are, they'll add you to their notifications.

Look at Who is Tagging Your Business

Are YOU looking? You should! Take a look at this Instagram printscreen. Constant Contact was at "Everything But the Dog" when they took this photo and tagged the business name. Now Everything But the Dog can find every image posted of their business. In this instance, there's only one, but you get the idea. They can then thank the Instagrammers, repost, follow - basically it's another way to connect on a very personal level!


Ready to Get Started?

If this conversation made you want to make the most of your Instagram account, Azure has some advice fo you. Look at what you are posting that is working. WIll it translate well to the "in the moment" feel of Instagram, or is it better suited to Pinterest, or another network. Share tips, products, whatever people like right now.

You could have a content calendar, too. That way you always know what to post! Maybe

Get Your Employees Involved

Encourage employees to post images with

About Azure Collier

Azure_Collier_02Azure is Content Manager, Social Media and Core Curriculum for Constant Contact. She oversees the company’s Pinterest and Instagram channels, creates educational content, presents webinars, and writes for the Constant Contact blog about social media and email marketing best practices for small businesses and nonprofits.

Azure and her husband live in New England with their cats Mia and Zoe and enjoy paddleboarding during their brief summers! I forgot to ask if the cast enjoy that sport as well. I'm guessing not.

Resources we mentioned:

Oh, and Azure won the title of Super Crazy Cat Lady on our show. An honor I'm sure she will treasure forever. Here's the winning answer:

Topics: Social Media, Content Marketing, visuals

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