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How Small Businesses Can Use Google Hangouts On Air for Brand Awareness and Marketing – Jeff Sieh #5

Posted by Alisa Meredith on Mar 3, 2015 8:29:00 PM

How Small Businesses Can Use Google Hangouts On Air for Brand Awareness and Marketing – Jeff Sieh Episode 5 power of video is undeniable and Google Hangouts On Air are free, easy to use, and don’t require a polished presentation or any special equipment. But, how can people get over their fears and become a go-to resource for helpful information? Jeff will help us with that!

People tend to be afraid of video – even more than with audio, we seem uncomfortable watching ourselves. Jeff suggests you try it anyway! You may find you get used to it – or that the results are so amazing you can’t stop even if you want to.

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Hangouts On Air The Best Value For Your Marketing Time?

You can turn your Hangouts on Air in to blog posts, short video, podcasts, and more. There is just nothing else that gives you such ability to repurpose.

Some Practical Ideas for Your First Hangout

Don't start huge. Have a hangout with a few friends who make you feel comfortable. Get used to the technical snafus and audio glitches that WILL happen. Get comfortable with all your options. Just hang out a bit!

When you're ready, consider just answering a commonly-asked question by your customers and prospects. Nothing fancy needed. We even had ideas about funeral homes and pest control companies in the episode!

Get Your Audience Involved

As you get more comfortable with hangouts, you can add in features like comment tracker, which allows you to monitor comments and pull up people's questions and their images so all attendees can see. People LOVE that kind of engagement. It really makes them feel like part of the show and Jeff does it so well.

Until you're ready for that, you could have a "wing-man" (or woman!) who can handle the monitoring of questions and feed them to you.

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About Jeff Sieh

JeffSiehCreative brain for hire • Visual storyteller • Social media consultant • Speaker • Humorist

That sums it up well, but Jeff is also well known for "Adding testosterone one pin at a time" on Pinterest and with his Manly Pinterest Tips show (don't miss it - it's helpful and funny) and for his amazing "yeard".

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