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What Makes People Share? - Dino Dogan #22

Posted by Alisa Meredith on Jul 1, 2015 4:00:00 AM

What Makes People Share? - Dino Dogan #22
Dino Dogan is the founder and CEO of the social sharing site for bloggers, Triberr. Triberr helps you get more shares. You want more shares, right? More clicks, more traffic, more leads. That's what content marketing is all about, and Dino is going to tell you how to get it.

With So Much Noise Online, How Do I Get My Content Noticed?

In 2008 or so, Dino was already seeing the writing on the wall. So much content was being created, it was hard to get his content found. He started with SEO, which is effective with transactional-type interactions - like if you want to buy a pair of shoes or if you're a gigantic publication site which sells ads.

But it wasn't working the way he wanted. He wanted to build niche authority (dog training and motorcycles), build a community and relationships with people while expanding his sphere of influence in related areas. SEO will not help you here!

What resulted was a group of about 15 bloggers who would share and comment on each other's content. He wanted a way to scale it - and there was nothing. So, Triberr was born - on a napkin.

Why People Share

We'd like to think we know why we share. We think it's rational - but it's really emotional.

Enlightened Self Interest

A small percentage of shares fall under this category.

Reciprocity - I share your content if I want you to share my content. It's effective, and it's what powers Triberr.

Magnimity - When I share your content and it appears that I have no motive other than to share because I'm a good person, that makes me look good. So, it's still kind of self interest!

Self Interest

This section is big and juicy.What Makes People Share? - Dino Dogan #22

Timing plays a big part in motivating sharing. Think news jacking.

Polarity helps us tell the world who we are, but more importantly - who we are not - Identity. Think Apple versus Mac or Coke versus Pepsi. You'll get shares from people whose world beliefs you confirm AND the opposing side, who will share to bring their army to help Slay my Enemies.

#Fail - we seem to love to watch people humiliate themselves - and we love to share it and make each other laugh. We don't recommend trying to utilize this trigger for business use!

Reaction seeking is another reason people share content. That is, the content creator has generated a strong emotional reaction from readers, who then share it. Dino gave the example of a young writer who wrote an article for Huffington Post claiming that anyone over 25 was unqualified to use social media for marketing.

Dino published a nice visual about this.

Feeding the Wolf - What You're Up Against

Dino used to think so, but it is so time-consuming he doesn't get on social too much yet. We also learned that Kelly doesn't really share stuff. As a millennial, this is puzzling!

Buzzfeed and UpWorthy (think - is this dress blue or black?) take over social feeds. But look at their own blog - they can't get their own business-related content shared. We are inundated by crappy content, but its kind of our own fault. Triberr can help you level the playing field a little.

Attention is the most valuable resource.


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About Dino Dogan

DinoA geek's geek, Dino is a certified ethical hacker and Oprah fan. He was born in Bosnia and lived through the longest siege in the history of the world - four years at the University of Sarajevo - mostly dodging bullets. He's now an American citizen looking forward to some world travel. He still thinks it's weird when people speak at the dinner table. And, he has the best laugh ever.

 Want to talk with Dino? Email him at!

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