Welcome Guests!


We are so excited to have you on the Superheroes of Marketing Podcast! To make sure we all have fun and provide the value we have sworn to protect, here are a few important things to keep in mind before our date.

A Quick Note About the Audience

It's always nice to know who you're talking to! Our target audience is small and medium-sized business owners who are looking for marketing advice. With this in mind, we try to define marketing terms and make sure everything is useful to the average business owner, not just our marketing peers.

Before the Show

We’ll send a Google Calendar invite with the date and time, and what we’d like to discuss. While we anticipate a 30-minute podcast episode, we plan for an hour for preparation and chatting.

If you have another topic you’d prefer to discuss, or you would like a list of questions, just let us know!

Technical Stuff

Our setup is configured to make you sound great. But, there are a couple of things you can do to help:

  1. Use headphones.
  2. Use a microphone. If you are using headphones or an earbud with built-in mic, that works, too!
  3. We’ll call you on Skype, so please connect with scalablesocialmedia before our big day.

Let us Promote You!

We want to help promote you, your products, services, and your business so please send:

  1. A high res photo and short bio. We’ll use your photo on our promotional graphics so send your favorite. You can email your photo to hosts@overgostudio.com  or email a link where we can download it prior to the recording date.
  2. Contact info. At the end of the episode we’ll ask you to tell our listeners how they can find you, so come prepared to give them whatever website links, social accounts or other info that you’d like to share.

On the Big Day

For the best sound quality, find a quiet spot where you’re unlikely to be disturbed by kids, pets, the mail man, zombies, etc.  Listen for any background noise – is there a fan running that you could turn off? We don’t want to freeze you (or melt you), but we do want you to sound great – and this can make a big difference. If your computer fan is loud, try shutting down all programs except skype, and move as far away as you can.

We have promised our listener, the small to medium-sized business owner that they will come away with at least ONE thing they can use to make their business better. While we love tangents, we always want to keep that in mind.

What to expect when we record

How we start a show.

We’ll call you on Skype and chat for a few minutes as we check levels.

What if I make a mistake?

We can edit out anything we need to – and we will! So, think of this as a conversation and don’t worry about being perfect.

You are going to sound great!

When will your recording air?

It depends!  Usually within one to two weeks. We’ll give you an expected air date as soon as we’re done recording and we’ll tag you in social updates as we promote it after release.

How to reach us

Alisa Meredith

Skype: scalablesocialmedia

Email: alisa@scalablesocialmedia.com

Kelly Kranz

Skype: kellykranz52

Email: kelly@overgostudio.com


Please fill out as much of this form as possible before the big day: http://www.overgovideo.com/superheroes-guest-questions