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GYB 006: The Secret To YouTube Video Ads | Lower Cost Leads

by Rick Kranz

February 17, 2015


 Are you thinking about running video ads on YouTube but don’t know if it will perform? In this episode I reveal the cost and effectiveness of YouTube video ads for both B2B and B2C businesses.

I discuss several real world campaigns and reveal how much video ads cost per view, per visit, and per lead. We compare these costs to the same campaigns using display ads and search ads. You will be surprised by the results.

Why would you want to use video ads?

You would include video ads in your inbound strategy for a variety of reasons:

  • You have a product or service that you sell that is visual

  • It’s much easier to explain your product or service in a video

  • You want to drive traffic and leads for a special offer you’re running

  • You need to increase your visibility and promote your brand across the YouTube channel

You’re probably thinking, Ok…all good reasons,  But video ads are so expensive, right?

Actually, no.  I get into the cost comparisons in this episode, but the main thing to remember here is….You don’t pay for a YouTube video ad if they don’t watch it.

And Click thru’s cost you nothing. In-Stream Video ads on YouTube allow viewers to select whether they want to see your ad or not. We’ve all seen these pre-roll ads that show up before the video…they have a button that says skip this ad.

Here’s some more pros to video ads:

  • Your target market is being exposed to 30 seconds or more of your message, instead of a static display ad.

  • Views usually only cost pennies. In fact, many video ads we run are somewhere in the neighborhood of $.01-.08 per view

The real proof of a video ad’s cost effectiveness is in lead conversions.

Listen as we reveal the numbers on two video campaigns that we ran for two different clients


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