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GYB 005: Using Marketing Automation To Grow Sales

by Rick Kranz

March 25, 2014


Wow, today’s topic is one that is very near and dear to me - something we marketing geeks like to call marketing automation. So what is marketing automation and why am I telling you about it? Well... Marketing automation refers to software platforms designed to automate repetitive tasks and amplify your marketing results.

Until recently this type of software was thought to be complex, and hard to implement, so it was generally reserved for larger organizations. But during the last two years we have seen small business owners and even sole entrepreneurs leverage a new breed of marketing automation software to help them dramatically grow their leads and sales. 

In today’s episode I am going to be sharing real stories and results from 14 small business owners. 7 of these business owners chose to use marketing automation and 7 chose not to. I worked closely with all 14 business owners helping them to implement their internet marketing strategies, and I will tell you now that the difference in results between those using marketing automation and those that chose not to was dramatic.

In This Episode You Will Find Out

  • Why You May Want To Start Using Marketing Automation Software 
  • How Other Small Businesses Are Using Marketing Automation
  • Results Other Business Have Seen Using Marketing Automation Software


Resources And Links Mentioned in This Episode

Link To the Study of 14 Companies 7 Using Marketing Automation and 7 Not

Request a Free Marketing Automation Demo 

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