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GYB 002: How to Quadruple Your Search Traffic | SEO The Right Way

by Rick Kranz

February 10, 2014


I’m excited about this episode of the Grow Your Business Podcast because it is one that will have a really big impact on your top line growth. In this short episode I am going to share with you a very powerful lesson about how to get traffic from Google and other search engines.

As a bonus we created a free SEO toolkit to help you on your way to generating more traffic for your business.

Search engine traffic is still the number one driving force behind business growth, even more than social media. In this episode I will help you understand how search engine optimization (aka SEO) has changed and what you should be doing.

I speak with dozens of business owners every week and almost all of them have a complete misconception of how search engines drive traffic to their websites. The real problem - is that this misconception is causing them to lose business and spend resources on the wrong solution. It all stems from an understanding of how search worked about eight years ago. For some reason most business owners seem to still hang on that. Well... it has changed quite a bit.

I will share with you an understanding of how search engines and keywords really work today. In this episode I will show you why, as a business owner, it is important that you understand this - even in the light of Google's keyword encryption. You need to know this so you can stop misdirecting your marketing funds. 

In This Episode You Will Find Out About:

  • How to stop waisting money and time on SEO 
  • How one of our clients quadrupled his organic traffic to 13,000 visits per month
  • What you should be doing to get your business found by the search engines

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