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GYB 001: Introduction | What To Expect

by Rick Kranz

February 03, 2014

Thanks for checking out my podcast. I’m excited about finally launching it.

In this episode I am going to take a couple of minutes to explain who this podcast is for and what you can expect. If you don’t really care about that then you should jump over to episode 2 where we get right into it.

Okay. So... Here is what we will be covering

In Each episode I will share with you proven and tested techniques for growing your sales and scaling your business.

Most of what I share here comes from my own personal experience. Each week my team and I execute hundreds of marketing tactics for dozens of different businesses, including our own. Drawing from these results I’ll share with you the best of what is working so that you may apply it in your own business.


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Topics: Business Growth, Podcast, Marketing Strategies

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