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grow-your-business-1I’m really excited to share something that recently happened to me and my company and how you can do the same to grow your business.

Every year I have the privilege of seeing several inspirational business speakers. After every talk I always come back to the office with one or two takeaways that I want to implement. I usually get a look from my staff - I call it the uh-oh look. You know it because you’ve seen it yourself too.

You and I both know that change is necessary if we want to grow our companies. Hell, change is necessary these days just to maintain your current level of sales. So we work like hell selling the change to our staff and then work like hell to implement it. This is a lot of work, which is okay, but what’s not okay is how much time it takes to implement change this way.

Last week I did something smart, by accident, and it has unleashed massive change inside my company which will position us for huge growth this year. Well, actually the accidental decision was made about 5 months ago and took effect last week.

Let me explain. Back in March we were making plans to attend this year’s Inbound Marketing event in Boston - Inbound 2013. I had attended the two prior years’ events. The first one by myself and the second one with one of my team members. These are intense 4-day events filled with courses and speakers designed to help us improve and grow our agency.

The first year, I came back with a notebook filled with ideas to implement. I think we implemented two of them, maybe. The second year both my team member and I came back with even more great ideas. I think we implemented four or five of them.

This year my entire staff announced that they wanted to go to Inbound 2013. Now I had the Uh-oh look. We can’t afford that. Fly my staff to Boston, put them up in a hotel, feed them, purchase their event ticket, not to mention pay them for the four days too. Uh-oh, who do I not take?

After explaining to my staff that it was not even remotely in our budget to take everyone, they unanimously offered to pay for their own airfare. So I made the decision to take everyone.

Here’s what happened: when we all arrived back home from Inbound 2013 last week, my staff informed me that they had created a plan to redesign our company - to position it for massive growth. Really? You mean I didn’t have to come up with this plan? And I don’t have to try to sell it to my staff? Boy, was I excited. I have never experienced this before, at least not at this scale.

Besides the growth plan, they went on to identify 63 takeaways from the event that they wanted to implement. All 63 items have been charted and a portion have been timelined. We are in the beginning stages on implementing them. I have no doubt that this year many if not all of these changes will be made.

Here is my question to you, Are you still trying to be the only change agent in your company? Why not unleash massive change by empowering your staff?

I would love to hear about your experience. Please leave your comment below.

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Photo Credit - Adam Selwood.