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Take care of your business advocates with retention processes.


Continued Education Pieces

We segment your customers into lists based on their needs and implement marketing automation. We communicate information on any additional needs they may have as a customer. Perhaps there is an opportunity to cross sell but your customer was not aware of it, these communications will make sure they are well educated on the full scope of your products and services.


Smart Websites

HubSpot platform allows us to create smart content on your website. Customers need different content than leads and leads need different content than first time visitors. We use smart content to make sure all traffic no matter what stage they are at continue to find value in your website every time they visit.


Segmented Customer Newsletters

We send segmented customer newsletters so your customers continue to see you as experts in your industry. Customers receive newsletters that contain updates on current events in your industry, as well as press releases and product and service announcements.


Referral Programs

A referral customer comes at a much lower cost and has a higher potential for retention and loyalty. If applicable, we create referral programs that make it easy for current customers to promote your product or service.