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We use automation tools to bridge the gap between sales and marketing.


Alignment of Sales and Marketing

We utilize CRM integration allowing us to provide your sales team with information that will make them better equipped for sales calls. We track every action a lead takes on your website, your email marketing and on social media. This kind of information puts your sales team one step ahead on sales call. They will be able to prepare themselves for the type of product or service the lead is interested in, and build on the trust the lead has already established with your business. We also set up lead grading, once a lead reaches a set grade based on their engagement with your online marketing efforts they are considered sales qualified and are handed off to your sales team.



Lifecycle Communications

We let you get to know your potential clients better by creating a lead lifecycle plan based on your website content and sales funnel. Lifecycle plans segment leads based on who they are, how much interaction they've had with your business online, what kind of content you want them to receive, and at what part of the sales funnel you want them to receive it.


Lead Nurturing

The best way to move a lead through a sales funnel is to launch lead nurturing campaigns. We do this with a workflow which allows you to trigger a follow-up email or a series of emails based on the action that a lead may take. This helps nurture and educate leads so they are prompted to take next steps and prepared before they even talk to a sales person.



Automated Workflows

Workflows are more than just a lead nurturing tool. They help you automate common marketing processes, moving leads through your funnel in an efficient way. Sending marketing emails, changing contact properties, and sending internal notification emails, are all possible with workflows. They bring marketers the same kind of automation a sophisticated CRM system provides to sales, bridging the gap between both processes.


Closed-Loop Reporting

Closed-loop reporting gives sales an opportunity to report on what happened to the qualified leads we provided, helping us further understand your best and worst lead sources. With closed-loop reporting, we are able to plan more strategically for the future by focusing on your best lead sources, those with the best lead to customer conversion rate.