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Wheel Woolies Launches an Entire Brand Online Using Inbound Marketing

Posted by Rick Kranz


Wheel-Woolie-Clients-Page-Logo-plainBraun Brush Company the manufacturer of brushes, including the Wheel Woolies line of brushes is one of the oldest family owned manufacturers of industrial brushes in the USA.  With the launch of its newest product line, the executives at Braun Brush Co. wanted to reach the global audience of automobile aficionados, car detailers, and distributors and turned to OverGo Studio to apply its Inbound Marketing Services. OverGo worked hand-in-hand with the Braun team in developing a customized Inbound Marketing Strategy to target and reach this niche and global audience.  The strategy included search engine optimization (SEO), regular blog postings, video content, a social media campaign leveraging the power of Facebook, Twitter and email integration.  Through the social media platforms Braun has reached and engaged a community of avid car enthusiasts, run contests and promotions and participated in the one-on-one conversations with followers and distributors, receiving feedback and suggestions for future product development.  

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Within just 16 months, dozens of potential distributors had used the website to submit requests for more information and 12 became new distributors. We utilized HubSpot software to generate immediate automatic email alerts to our team and our client’s sales team when any distributor request was received. This allowed the client to take immediate sales action, and it enabled us to coordinate and refine our marketing efforts based upon their in-person follow up. We call that “smarketing.”


Starting from zero, after just 16 months, the website was welcoming well over 4000 monthly visitors. Ebook popularity has been consistently tremendous, with around two dozen downloads in some months. And after gradual growth in the first three quarters, the blog has seen explosive growth in readership.


To learn more in depth details on how exactly Wheel Woolies accomplished their goals, click the image below. 

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