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B2C Company Increases Traffic and Sales with Inbound Marketing

Posted by Rick Kranz


TBBI-Inbound-Marketing-Case-Study-Page-LogoThe Bed Bug Inspectors is the largest independent bed bug dog inspection company. They employ highly trained, nationally certified Bed Bug Dog Teams to identify and remove bed bugs and live bed bug eggs. 

OverGo Studio helped The Bed Bug Inspectors transition from a costly absolute dependence on Pay-Per-Click advertising to inbound marketing with a 450% increase in organic traffic and a 320% increase in organic leads and sales.


Challenge: Overcome Dependence on PPC

The Bed Bug Inspectors main challenge was their 100% dependence on Pay-Per-Click Advertising in order to generate sales. As time went on, their cost for PPC advertising became excessive.

In such a competitive industry, depending completely on PPC advertising can become prohibitive. In order to overcome this challenge, The Bed Bug Inspectors needed to reduce PPC advertising and focus on inbound marketing techniques.

Solution: Implement Inbound Marketing

The Bed Bug Inspectors contacted OverGo Studio to construct a strategy for increasing sales and reducing PPC advertising at the same time.

First, Overgo Studio placed The Bed Bug Inspectors on the Hubspot closed loop marketing platform.  

Next, they began a multi-step inbound marketing process that began with an aggressive blogging and facebook campaign. E-books were then created in order to provide information to customers in a custom downloadable format.

Finally, they implemented call tracking through The Bed Bug Inspector website to measure exactly which key words and ads were converting into phone appointments.

“Our team took a two-tier approach; the first step was to implement our inbound marketing process and to create a large amount of organic traffic - enough to dwarf the Pay-Per-Click traffic. Once that was achieved, the next step was to implement advanced call tracking tools. This allowed us to cut PPC spending without losing any potential sales for the client” says Rick Kranz – President of OverGo Studio.

Results: Increased Traffic, Leads, Sales, and Reduced PPC spend

Through applying inbound marketing techniques, OverGo Studio increased traffic, leads, and sales tremendously. They enhanced organic traffic while reducing the spending and dependence on PPC advertising.

Organic Traffic Increase: 450%
Leads and Sales Increase: 320%
PPC Spending Decrease: 85%



The Bed Bug Inspectors is achieving exceptional results with OverGo Studio and is pulling more marketing dollars away from PPC advertising and putting it toward more progressive inbound marketing techniques. 

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