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B2B Tech Services Company Increases Leads With Automation

Posted by Rick Kranz


One-Source-Document-Management-Inbound-Marketing-Case-Study-Page-LogoOneSource is a document management company that provides fully-customized document reproduction services for insurance companies, hospitals, and various medical groups. 

“We realized we weren’t utilizing the internet to get leads and that is when we contacted OverGo Studio to help us fix this.”  Fig Gungor, CEO

They were stuck using traditional outbound marketing techniques which provided insufficient results. OverGo Studio helped grow organic traffic for OneSource by 240% and their lead conversion by over 1400% by shifting their outbound marketing methods to inbound marketing.


Challenge: Increase Amount of Leads for Sales Team

Before OverGo Studio started with OneSource they got few internet leads and instead were using most of their resources on traditional outbound marketing techniques such as cold calling and trade shows which are very expensive.

“Our biggest pain was that we had no steady flow of inbound leads to pass off to our 4-person sales team. The trade shows would provide only a burst of leads and once those were used, the sales team had to return to cold calling until the next trade show,” says Fig Gungor - CEO of OneSource.

Solution: Launch Inbound Marketing Program

Spending money on methods that were not producing sufficient results was OneSource’s obvious problem. The solution was to implement inbound marketing techniques for increased internet leads.

“We realized we weren’t utilizing the internet to get leads and that is when we contacted OverGo Studio to help us fix this,” says Gungor.

OverGo Studio realized that OneSource needed to be placed on a closed loop marketing platform so the first step was to migrate OneSource over to the Hubspot software platform.

Next, they implemented a six step inbound marketing processes that included consistent blogging, creating downloadable white papers and e-books, creating interactive videos and recorded webinars, building efficient landing pages, creating email nurturing campaigns, and establishing a presence in social media marketing.

“We also launched an aggressive Facebook ad campaign targeting OneSource’s client demographic. This included custom landing pages to capture leads directly into their closed loop marketing system,” says Rick Kranz - President of OverGo Studio.

Results: Increased Organic Traffic, Leads, and Reach

By implementing all of the processes of the inbound marketing, the amount of organic traffic, leads, and social reach increased immensely in seven months.

Organic traffic: 240%
Leads: 1400%
Reach: 1000%

Initial Organic Search Traffic Boost At Start of Inbound Services


A Look At Their Consistent Growth In Traffic After 3 Years


Gungor is pleased with their results thus far, “OverGo Studio is easy to work with because they provide no extra burden on the OneSource staff. They implemented a process for us that creates a steady increase in traffic and leads and with this process we saw results within 4 months.”

Overall, OneSource is enjoying great success and amazing results with OverGo Studio.