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Bug Off Bed Bugs Exploits Pesky Problem With Web Marketing

Posted by Rick Kranz


Bug-Off-Bed-Bugs-Inbound-Marketing-Case-Study-Page-LogoWhen you have a product that addresses a pervasive problem, you want to shout it from the mountaintop – well maybe the Internet is more appropriate. That’s how Bug Off Bed Bugs felt when it sought to bring its ActiveGuard™ mattress liners to the attention of the bed bug fearing millions. It decided to fast track the design and production of a feature-rich e-commerce site.  Up for the task was OverGo Studio.

OverGo Studio Puts Ecommerce to Work to Sell Hot New Product

OverGo built a robust and easy to navigate website. Upon landing on Bug Off Bed Bugs website, visitors quickly learn about the company’s new, advanced ActiveGuard™ mattress liners and how they work to kill bed bugs in mattress. The home page also quickly establishes that the product is flying off the shelves with over 40,000 units already sold. Pricing is also right up front on the new ecommerce site along with a “Free Ground Shipping” offer for purchases of three or more liners. The site’s tool bar also provides informative sections on “Liners vs. Encasements,”  “Research & Field Data” and “FAQs”. For the hospitality industry, there’s even a “Hotel & Lodging Link.” Rounding out this well-planned e-commerce site are sections for bulk ordering, shipping policy and the essential “Search” tool.   

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