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Corporate Values’ Inbound Marketing Generates Leads

Posted by Rick Kranz


Coorporate-Values-Inbound-Case-Study-Page-LogoCorporate Values, a provider of proven solutions to branded merchandise, knew it had a leading-edge solution to help businesses save up to 40% on their branded merchandise purchases. The company’s innovative Boundless Network web-based platform to help companies leverage the purchases of branded merchandise made across the entire company, in all departments. The best way to communicate its platform was through an inbound marketing program.

OverGo Studio Develops a Video Landing Page for Inbound Leads and Much More

In a great example of “out-of-the-box” inbound marketing, OverGo Studio first took an existing video and overlaid it with interactivity. Next, more branding was added and then a customized landing page was built specifically to market the Boundless Network offering. In addition to the video, there was a sign up for a demo form and additional information about the company’s services, as well as other valuable resources. Further boosting performance were video emails that Corporate Values could send to prospects. This unique, integrated approach is delivering powerful results in lead generation.

See the Corporate Values landing page below:

corporate values video marketing landing page resized 600



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