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How To Generate Sales Ready Leads For Less $$

Combining HubSpot and Facebook Ads



We created this webinar to share how we've been lowering lead generation costs for our clients. We have all the ingredients to make the perfect Sales Ready Lead Cocktail and we want to serve it to you.

Some points on why this webinar may be for you:

  • You're frustrated with the high cost of running online ads
  • You've tried social ads- Facebook ads, LinkedIn ads, or AdWords
  • You're using HubSpot or another marketing automation tool and your just not getting enough sales ready leads
  • You want to learn tactics that very few are applying to their marketing

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George Thomas - The Sales Lion

"When it comes to improving your sales process very few people really understand what it takes. I was blown away by the calculated tactics that Rick presented to our group. He made it easy to understand. His actionable tips will help you take your business from a sales dud to a sales stud. (or "studet" for all the ladies out there.) Stop wasting time and money and start marketing and selling in a way that truly works."