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Real Live Examples

Charity Event Campaign: Only $69 spent 152 Responses

Ad Name Results Cost Amount Spent Relevance Score
Event Responses 152 $0.45    
  event response per event response $68.64 9

Home Improvement Lead Generation Campaign: 346 Conversions $14.04 per conversion

Ad Name Results Reach Cost Amount Spent
Home Beautification Retargeting 346 9,189 $14.04 $4,858.37
  conversions people per conversion  

Luxury Product Traffic Generation Campaign: 13,681 Website Visits $0.04 per click

Campaign Name Results Link Clicks CPC (Link) Amount Spent Post Shares Post Comments
Results from 5 Campaigns 17,841 13,681 $0.04 $504.71 1,090 200
  post engagements website visits        

What Clients Are Saying

  • whyiam-troy-scott.png

    "OverGo takes the lead on all initiatives and I greatly value their competency and more important the results they deliver. I consider Rick and his crew part of my marketing team and not just another vendor.

    I would highly recommend OverGo Studio as a service provider you can count on to deliver results."

    Troy Scott
    Heavenly Greens

  • overgo-studio-grace-newman-testimonial.png

    "I've worked with Overgo for almost a year and counting and can confidently recommend them to help you grow your business. They are a top notch team armed with the latest technology, great ideas, sufficient resources, solid support, and savvy smarts. Count on them to care about your business almost as much as you do (or maybe even more in some cases)."

    Grace Newman
    Connolly Music

  • peter-caputa-circle.png

    "I've worked with Rick and team for the past several years and every time Rick shares a client story, I'm impressed by the results they're achieving. Overgo Studio is always testing new technologies and new approaches in their own marketing including video marketing, inbound media buying, sales acceleration tools, marketing automation tools, and much, much more. Then, combining that technology with smart marketing and sales strategies. If you hire OverGo, you're getting the state of the art combined with tried-and-true, results-driven go-to-market strategies."

    Peter Caputa

  • whyiam-lance-cheney.png

    "Rick and his team took us out of the woods and into the sunlight. We had a product with a great deal of buzz surrounding it. But no one knew where it came from, who made it or how to it get it. The OverGo team channeled all of that buzz into the most successful and fastest growing division of our company. I am truly grateful for the work that they have done and continue to do on our behalf."

    Lance Cheney
    Wheel Woolies

  • overgo-anonymous-testimonial.png

    "Working with Rick, Mary and the team at Overgo has been a pleasure and a refreshing break from the norm when it comes to dealing with digital marketing companies. No one is perfect, but the team at Overgo comes close. We've been dealing with them on numerous projects since 1/1/16 and I can truly say they take on the task like it was for their own business. I enjoy dealing with them and they always work to get the desired results. I've worked with another company at the top of this hubspot review list and I can honestly say that their service and results do not even compare to what we've received from Overgo. Working with the other company was like working with robots who did nothing to tailor a program to our business, everything they did was cookie cutter and produced no results. Overgo took the time to learn our business and tailor a custom plan that has helped us grow in many areas of our business, not just the digital aspect. I highly recommend them and their services. 5 stars!"

    Marketing Manager
    Under NDA