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Here's what marketers are saying about the Digital Marketing Tuner:

"This is a great, easy to use tool that clearly spells out how a business should consider improving their ability to generate a business impact from marketing. Love it!"
Anna Norregaard
"From the efficiency of your content calendar to the effectiveness of your lead-generation methods, Digital Marketing Tuner offers a helpful overview of all of your latest marketing activities."
Bethany Cartwright
"Wonderful tool! Shows what a holistic marketing strategy can look like. Love the personalized approach to offering improvements in various channels."
Lauren Sadler
"Great tool! I was able to see some areas that I can definitely make improvements!"
Stacy Luft
CF Grow
"Great tool and very actionable. It looks super for folks looking for guidance on digital marketing and who have stalled or are looking to grow."
David Weinhaus
"Everyone needs a tuneup now and then! Thanks for creating and sharing this tool!"
Todd Hockenberry
Top Line Results
"Great tool! Just tried, wish I had invented it!!"
Greg Linnemanstons
Weidert Group
"It’s awesome that you provide links to video training in the recommendations. Not just links to services. Value first. Well done."
Chris Handy
"Great tool! Love the pdf report that breaks down the 5 stages in your digital marketing journey."
Steve James
Stream Creative
"I love seeing awesome HubSpot partners build killer tools to help businesses grow better."
Andrew Pitre
"Reminds me of website grader, but looks at your overall marketing strategy. Recommendations are spot on."
Mike Donnelly
Seventh Sense