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Stephen T. Furnari, Esq.

President, Law Firm Suites

Rick Kranz from OverGo Studio is THE BEST.
I have used him when we got ourselves into a lead gen rut, and he totally turned us around.

Rick is an expert in inbound marketing and social ppc, but he is by no means an ideologue in terms of one marketing strategy or another.

He'll tell you what he thinks your company needs, and what you don't.


Lance Cheney

President, Braun Brush

Rick and his team took us out of the woods and into the sunlight. We had a product with a great deal of buzz surrounding it. But no one knew where it came from, who made it or how to get it.

Rick channeled all of that buzz into the most successful and fastest growing division of our company. I am truly grateful for the work that he has done and continues to do on our behalf.


Fig Annunziato

CEO, ClaimFox, Inc

Rick is incredibly professional, easy to work with, flexible in both his thinking and management style and experienced in owning/growing/starting-up/managing businesses.

Since starting with Rick, we went from having zero leads per month to an average of over 30 leads! This was all accomplished with a very modest budget well below the cost of a single employee.



Grace Newman

Marketing Director, Connolly Music Company

I've worked with Rick for four years and counting and can confidently recommend him to help you grow your business.

He has a top notch team armed with the latest technology, great ideas, sufficient resources, solid support, and savvy smarts.

Count on Rick to care about your business almost as much as you do (or maybe even more in some cases).


Sam Jiang

Director of Operations, Cambridge Coaching

We have been working with Rick for more than three years, and he has constantly provided valuable insight in analyzing our company's performance metrics across Google and HubSpot.

He is humble, professional, and extremely personable and accessible. I would recommend him without a doubt to anybody who wants to fully understand and optimize the performance of their online marketing strategies.


Shaun LaFramboise

Owner, Right Light Productions

Rick and his team we're super supportive and excellent at cutting through the static of all the different directions a business can go, and focusing us on concrete steps in the right direction of our goals.

Their help with the 'how' to take each step proved immensely useful and saved us a lot of money by focusing not only our budget but, even more valuable, our time on which tools to use, and how.

Having a guiding hand like Rick provides immeasurable (and measurable!) value to those looking to take whatever next step(s) a business might need. Thanks Rick!