Will Publishing Blog Articles Impact My Traffic?


does-blogging-really-impact-trafficI’ve been in this Inbound Marketing game for awhile now. I tend to argue that publishing blog articles will indeed impact your traffic- it is the backbone to your content campaigns. But why would you take my word for it? We aren’t friends (yet). Turns out being in the inbound world for the past couple of years gives me access to some data.  So I have numbers sitting right in front of me that prove publishing blog articles may perhaps impact traffic and I’d like to share it with you (so we can be friends).

To the graphs!

Below are graphs put together in a HubSpot Traffic Sources Report. Each graph only represents traffic coming to the webiste organically.  Organic traffic is impacted by blog articles the most- if there is an impact in traffic we will see it here.

Company A - B2B Service Firm

Company A published their first blog article on october 10th 2013. As you can see in the graph below they had zero organic traffic coming to their website prior to bloggiing. ZERO. By the end of october they had 7 blog articles published and 89 visits from organic search. They published 2 articles every week going forward and their organic traffic visits were over 100 in November and December.


Company B - B2B Consumer Product

This company gave our agency the pleasure of launching completely their new brand online. Their website went live late May 2012 and they published their first blog article June 5th 2012.  They habitually published 2 blog articles each week. Within the first 2 months of blogging they saw a 104% increase in organic traffic (from june to july). By the end of September they had over 600 blog views and had attracted over 800 visits in organic search traffic.



Lets take a look at their organic search now that the company's website has been live and blogging for 2 years. That is one sexy graph below. They had over 8,000 visits in May 2014 and their blog had 58,116 views overall.



Company C - B2B Service Firm

Good old company C published their first blog June 3, 2011. Within 1 year they grew their organic traffic by 9483% with consistent blog publishing two a week.



From 2012-2013 the grew organic traffic by 52%.


The following year from 2013-2014 they grew organic traffic by 125% with organic traffic in the 7,000's.




Below is a graph of their organic traffic over the 3 years in total. The red mark represents when they began blogging.


What’s my point?

Well I present these numbers to you without argument, correlation or judgement. You can interpret them how you see fit. We ran full inbound marketing programs for all three of these companies so there are many factors that you could attribute to traffic growth.

However, blogging in all three cases ignited the traffic growth. It was the first content campaign to get rolling in all three cases above and the only content campaign that ran continuously.  When you start to publish blog articles you do a few things for your website.

  1. Increase your page count
  2. Increase your keyword ranking
  3. Increase your chances of being found in search results

All in all, you are casting a wider net with every blog article you publish, making it more likely you will capture your audience's attention in search results and drive traffic back to your site. Having that going for your website will DEFINITELY impact your traffic.

The key however is to write articles that appeal to your audience. Don’t write about your family reunion coming up (unless you're in the event planning business), write about solutions to your audience's problems. For example, maybe you found this article because you were doing a search on “blogging’s effect on website traffic.”

If you are considering starting a blog...

Then by all means do it! Publish relevant articles for a month and look at the traffic results you get. You WILL see a rise in organic traffic and over time it will grow steadily.  Blogging is something you can rely on.

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