Why Do I Need HubSpot: 3 Indispensable Tools HubSpot Provides


why-do-i-need-hubspot-indispensible-3Why do you need HubSpot? That is such a loaded question with so many answers. To spare you an ongoing list of reasons why you would need it let me sum it up simply. Your business needs HubSpot because it allows you to measure marketing efforts. And that, my friend, impacts your company's bottom line.

Within HubSpot there are many tools that help you to achieve marketing success. Some full disclosure before we get started - I’m a HubSpot junkie. I drink the koolaid and sip the punch. I think HubSpot provides many indispensable tools when it comes to marketing. It is the most innovative content operating system out there- highly focused on providing tools to make marketing efforts measurable and impactful.

With that said, I believe the 3 indispensable tools are those that aid in lead conversions.

The HubSpot Calls-to-action (CTA) Manager

This tool helps you manage those “click here” buttons on your website.  The HubSpot CTA tool allows you to upload an existing cta graphic or create a button inside HubSpot CTA editor. You can have multiple CTA’s running on multiple pages from this tool. HubSpot will measure the performance of each CTA for not only clicks but lead conversion rates. If you compare CTA’s against each other with the a/b testing feature inside the tool, then you are able to compare the performance of two versions of one CTA. This will help you weed out what works and what doesn’t work on your website.

HubSpot also has “Smart CTA’s.”  These CTA’s can tell if a visitor has clicked on this image before. If they have clicked this CTA during a previous visit to your website, then HubSpot will show them a different CTA image.

HubSpot’s Landing Page Tool

Imagine launching customized landing pages quickly and painlessly. This tool allows you that pleasure.  The landing page content editor is so simple. You fill out the page basics - page title, page name, url- choose your template and appropriate images, choose /create your form and edit its properties, type up copy for the page and check off some boxes for social sharing buttons to appear in the Landing page’s footer.

Once your landing page is published and live you can see it’s performance metrics inside hubspot. See what kind of traffic comes to the landing page, how many submissions and how many new contacts it generates on a yearly, monthly, weekly or daily basis. This information is power. You can tweak and edit your landing pages until their performance improves.

You can also run a/b landing pages to see what performs better to keep striving for the optimal landing page. 

HubSpot SmartLists

Smart lists are contact lists that automatically update themselves. They move contacts from list to list based on rules you create. This means you can segment your prospects by interest, sales cycle, lead type or hair color- OK the last one is not practical but you could if you wanted. As prospects make return visits to your website they will be updated in your lists as to their latest status (lead, email opened) or interest. With this tool at your expense you can automate highly targeted email campaigns.

The answer to your great question “Why Do I Need HubSpot?”

HubSpot includes tools that cannot be replicated with other softwares. These tools aid in enhancing your lead conversion rates.  HubSpot is the one platform where you are able to launch and measure internet marketing campaigns.  With HubSpot and the indispensable tools that come with it you are able to unleash a marketing power like you have never known before.