Which CRM Is Better Part 2: HubSpot Vs. Zoho


With a CRM system like HubSpot or Zoho, your inbound marketing and sales professionals can forge better relationships with potential and existing customers. They can send emails, make calls, and store data on their clients' preferences and activities. All of this ensures that they're able to generate more revenue for the company. 

CRM systems are shaking up the business world, with Gartner predicting that CRM software will be growing faster than any other market in 2018. This is great news for businesses looking to close more deals and make their company flourish! 


Key Differences Between Zoho and HubSpot

  • HubSpot offers a completely free CRM, Zoho offers pricing tiers
  • HubSpot offers a task management system, Zoho does not
  • HubSpot is a little more expensive than Zoho

Zoho’s Main Features
Contact and Users UI

Zoho's redesigned user interface is a significant improvement from its older, clunkier design. It has a minimalist look, with the ability to hold up to 10 components on one page at once (Zoho creator).

The Zoho interface is one of the most customizable out on the market. As an administrator, you must organize your various custom fields and workflows beforehand for other users to have enough access to it without getting lost or confused by all these options available at once. There's also a search tool that enables queries about tasks which will enable every user to get their questions answered fast when looking through information from past transactions as well customer communication logs!

The Zoho UI is designed to guide new users through the system, starting with their splash page or launchpad. It offers assistance for contacts and activities as well as accounts - all you need to start using it!

Lead Management System

Zoho’s lead management system is flexible to handle various models of business. The CRM is a handy tool if you need lead generation services from a large number of sources. Through its Sales Signals feature, it's possible to pull web form leads by using social media platforms and emails. You will also be notified in real-time when mentioned on these sites, so your engagement can happen more timely with potential clients. 

To help handle all leads efficiently, Zoho allows automatic replies to customers that meet your criteria. The system also has a reply approval workflow so communications and conversions can be first approved by a supervisor before being sent on for further action- it's called "Zia!" Its AI assistant will spot problems in the sales process and highlight when is the best time to email or call any potential customer that matches what you're looking for - just like how humans do!

Email Marketing

With the drag and drop email editor, Zoho has a fantastic variety of templates to choose from. You can also add tables, buttons, or images onto these templates for different effects! The CRM can help track sales as well so you never miss out on any data again. With Zoho's marketing automation software program, you can create action-based emails on your preferences such as sending alerts when new leads come in need of attention. 

Next Up: HubSpot 

HubSpot is the leading marketing automation system for small and medium-sized businesses. It's perfect if you're looking to grow your company, as it can help automate tasks like sending out newsletters or email campaigns on autopilot while. It also gives users comprehensive reporting features which give them all the information they need to know about their campaigns. HubSpot even offers a free version of their CRM software, along with other robust marketing and service desk options. Allowing you to eliminate unnecessary vendors. 

HubSpot CRM Features

HubSpot has a variety of different templates that can be customized for your needs. You'll have access to standard, property-based, or fixed date workflows depending on what you need and how much time it takes before setting up new campaigns with data in place already. Their interface makes these processes super easy as well because all the necessary information is readily available right from one page!  

The process is much more streamlined than Zoho’s which can be inefficient when used with a search engine, HubSpot offers drop-down menus and lists for easy selections. It also helps identify duplicate contacts on other emails so you don't have to repeat yourself every time!

HubSpot Professional

The software’s Sales Professional feature is the perfect all-in-one sales console. It has a useful notifications feature that shows interactions relevant to each user, including assigned leads and lead scoring changes. The system will also provide data such as emails opened or shared content that was viewed by someone else when they were on your team!

The tool has a live chat or bot feature that can be deployed to your website. They also have a feature called Sequences, where users are able to organize timed messages for prospects and send them straight from your email with links so you never miss an opportunity. 

Another cool feature in HubSpot is the ability to make Voice over IP (VOIP) calls directly from your contact list. You can save call logs with each individual's interaction history and switch back-and-forth between CRM products without ever leaving a page or having multiple windows open at once by clicking on one button. 

The reporting system provides you with a range of tools to measure your campaigns and contacts. You can easily compare different marketing strategies by adding on the Paid Reporting tool, which will highlight all of your paid campaign analytics. 

The HubSpot system has over 2,000 templates available- some that are paid and others for free. The drag-and-drop editor allows you to build your own from its wide variety of prebuilt options making it more superior in comparison with Zoho’s lack thereof when it comes down to simplicity or features like monitoring tools on social media platforms. 

HubSpot Highlights

  • Contact management and lead generation tools
  • Integrations with G Suite, Microsoft, Gmail, and social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook to help increase and capture more leads
  • Live chat option that connects users with their audiences in real-time
  • A reporting dashboard with a drag and drop feature that displays sales, productivity, deal forecast, and deals that have been closed
  • Built as a true one-stop-shop marketing hub (no need to go elsewhere from a sales hub for a management CRM)

Bottom Line: Zoho Vs. HubSpot

HubSpot is a shining example of how to do customer service right. Unlike Zoho, they offer an interface with amazing expandability and scalability that will keep your customers engaged for years! You won't find another CRM of this quality at any price point. 


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