We Are a HubSpot Award Winning Inbound Marketing Agency


We are proud to announce that OverGo Studio is the winner of HubSpot's Impact Award for Client Growth Story!

There are thousands of HubSpot partner agencies applicable for the Impact Awards and we won the award for this category.  My reaction more or less went like this (& some excited cussing may have been involved) WHAT?! That happened?!? We are a HubSpot award winning agency baby! 

Needless to say the OverGo team & I are ecstatic. 

You can read the award winning story here:  Marketing Automation Drives $2.1 Million in Additional Revenue in Only 11 Months.


What does Rick think?

I sat down with president and founder of our agency Rick Kranz, to get insight on what this award means for our agency & for future clients.

Well...it was more like I ambushed Rick with an impromptu interview. Catching him off-guard made for a non-scripted interview with a relaxed give and take.

Just look at him...



So let's get to the interview!

Break it down for me: What does this award mean?

The award is for having a client that has achieved exceptional growth because of the work we have done.

Stories for this award cover the full scope of your client's success:

How much did they grow, what did they grow by, what about it was dramatic, what were they doing before and how  is the growth attributed to our work.

And it is measured in dollars and cents so it is not a subjective award.

There are thousands of HubSpot partner agencies. OverGo Studio is one of many. Was this a surprising win for you?

A lot of agencies are much bigger than us. And a lot of them I admire and look up too, I try to follow in their footsteps.  So Yes, I was very surprised and happy that we won it.

I want a bottom line answer here: what does this mean for OverGo Studio?

It means that we actually produce results that our clients pay for.  The reason clients hire us is to grow their sales- that's it. And we do that with digital marketing strategies.  

Our team is very proud of the award. Someone is actually acknowledging- HEY YOU'RE ACTUALLY DOING WHAT YOU SAY YOU DO AND YOU ARE GREAT AT IT.

Tell me about the client who was apart of this award. 

Troy is such a great client. He was willing to share his story and his numbers.  He was happy and proud to say- "yeah I got X dollars because of X, Y and Z that OverGo did during these 11 months". He was transparent and willing to let us share data points and show exactly how we did it. I have to be grateful that we have this client. He is brilliant and fun to work with.


What advice do you have for companies out there that are thinking about hiring an agency to help with their digital marketing?

Well, a lot of clients are very secretive about their numbers. Their annual revenue, their sales numbers, their marketing budget, all of it. As agencies we can do the best work in the world, but without a client that is willing to treat us like part of their team that work may go unnoticed.

Here at OverGo it's hard for us to report our ROI when a client doesn't let us in.  Like any relationship it takes time and it takes trust, but this is also a business engagement. If a client wants to experience growth they have to let us behind the curtain.


Enough about us, what about you (yes, I'm talking to you now).

This award means a lot to us and Rick wants to open the doors for more companies to experience growth. We are giving away free business growth consultations to those of you who are interested. The consultation is a one on one with Rick- not a sales rep- just Rick. You can read more about Rick's experience and schedule a meeting with him on this page- Business Growth Consultations