The Best Video Marketing Examples For B2B Sales


Here are some of our favorite video marketing examples to show you how some industry leaders have used video to their advantage.

Uberflip's Explainer Videos

Uberflip is a popular content marketing platform, and that popularity is due largely to its effective video campaigns. The Uberflip team has put together an explainer video series that's both helpful and humorous. In the process, viewers are consistently engaged while Uberflip experts explain what their platform does.

The series consists of four videos, beginning with an overview video that introduces Uberflip and its features. Once viewers complete this video, they can dive deeper into what the platform does with videos that explain the various features in more detail. 

The first video in the series is incredibly good at explaining what Uberflip does without talking down to the prospect—in fact, it makes fun of that potential condescension in a comical way that sets the tone for the rest of the series. The team at Uberflip uses certain gags to reach audiences while detailing the different functions and benefits of the platform. By the end of that first video, you're encouraged to continue the series not just for more information about Uberflip but also for the entertainment value.

Uberflip's explainer videos are a great example of how you can give people insight into your products or services while keeping them entertained. Uberflip didn't do it alone, either. To help create their videos, Uberflip worked with an agency that brought their ideas to fruition.

Lucidworks Lucid Thoughts Series

While Uberflip showed how effective explainer videos can be at showing what you do as a company, Lucidworks is an example of how you can build a reputation as an industry authority. Lucidworks, through its Lucid Thoughts YouTube channel, covers many industry-relevant topics in the form of highly engaging videos featuring experts.

The Lucid Thoughts series is particularly useful because it takes complex topics pertaining to artificial intelligence and breaks them down into conversational language that's easy to understand. Many companies can take note of how this series effectively simplifies complex concepts that might otherwise be hard to understand. Some of the topics covered throughout the series include clustering vs. classification in AI, deep learning, AI concepts for architects, and predicting with signals.

The entire series showcases the Lucidworks team's expertise while serving as an invaluable resource for their audiences. Like Uberflip, Lucidworks turned to an agency to help them produce their videos. The result is a great video marketing example for businesses looking to build authority in their niches. 

HubSpot's Complete Personalized Video Campaign

HubSpot is an inbound marketing leader for myriad reasons, one of which is their ability to produce some of the best videos that inform and engage viewers. Apart from videos, HubSpot has established itself as a content marketing guru with top-quality blog posts, e-books, guides, and many other types of content that continually make them a company to aspire to be like.

Through their HubSpot Academy platform, which many people use to become certified marketing experts, HubSpot uses many educational videos that guide viewers through each certification course. HubSpot also uses video elsewhere, including its YouTube channel, where the company publishes plenty of informative and popular videos that cover a wide range of marketing topics.

HubSpot also understands the importance of reaching out to audiences one-on-one with content geared specifically for them. After all, people enjoy content that feels as though it was made specifically for them. As such, for their email marketing campaigns, HubSpot also uses personalized videos to connect with each recipient in their marketing and sales campaigns. Through the use of more personalized email videos, HubSpot has been able to increase conversions and truly speak to their audience. 

Peter Kelly-Detwiler's LinkedIn Videos

It's important to keep in mind that social media videos are also potentially integral to reaching audiences. Don't rely on YouTube or email to launch video campaigns if you want to maximize your coverage.

Peter Kelly-Detwiler, an expert in the electric power industry, has offered plenty of industry insights and updates through his LinkedIn video campaign. For each of his weekly videos, Peter highlights certain news stories and other updates to keep his audience informed about the latest in the electric power industry. In some cases, Peter even covers topics before they become major news stories, such as the recent battery fire in the UK that broke out in Liverpool. This has led many to follow him as a knowledgeable industry expert who works to stay up-to-date.

PKD Energy Stories

Each video features text summaries that serve as a brief overview of every topic discussed in the video. Peter then speaks to the viewer in the video and offers some personal insight that complements the topics discussed. Because of his diligence and expertise, Peter's videos have reached thousands of viewers and earned him nearly 6,000 followers on LinkedIn alone as he takes full advantage of this channel.

To help him produce these videos, OverGo Studio developed a video program that further positioned him as an industry expert.

mac on a workstation designed to look like a video player

Use Video Marketing to Your Advantage with the Help of OverGo Studio

If you want to see a significant boost in B2B sales and keep your audiences engaged, video marketing can be the asset you need. These video marketing examples show how effective a good campaign can be at attracting prospects, generating more leads, and converting them into loyal customers or clients. However, it's often best to work with a team of experienced and resourceful experts who can help you develop an effective video campaign. 

For help with your video marketing strategies, view our video marketing programs to see what we can do for you. If you would like to get started with your video campaign, contact us today to schedule a growth consultation.


One of the best ways to connect with your audience as a B2B brand is to use effective and engaging video campaigns. You can use videos at every stage of the sales funnel, from the moment prospects first hear about you to the time they decide to make a purchase. A comprehensive, well-constructed campaign will be able to hook prospects and help dramatically increase sales, connecting with your audience at nearly every touchpoint.