Video Ads: How To Use Them to Drive Leads for the Sales Team



Inbound marketing processes utilize a variety of techniques to drive business exposure and get your sales team the targeted leads they need to generate conversions.

But I’ve found that when it comes to creating web-based ads, a lot of business owners shy away from video. Typically, this kind of reluctance usually stems from the fact that video effectiveness is imperfectly understood.

Plus, many CEO’s and entrepreneurs just don’t have the time it takes to create a video, so they choose another web-ad option out of convenience or because they mistakenly believe that a video ads are cost prohibitive. 

Why would anyone want to use video ads?

Businesses need to include video ads in their inbound strategies for a variety of reasons:

  • You have a product or service that you sell that is visual
  • It’s much easier to explain your product or service in a video
  • You want to drive traffic and leads for a special offer you’re running
  • You need to increase your visibility and promote your brand across the YouTube channel

You’re probably thinking, Ok…all good reasons, but won’t a less expensive search ad or display ads do the same thing?

Yes…to a certain extent they will. But with a way less effective format. You know that with all of the information out there, visual messages offer instant comprehension of a product or a service, and if you’ve got a service that requires explanation…or an overstock on a certain item that you want to move, a static ad just isn’t going to cut it.

But video ads are so expensive, right?

Actually, I’ll get into the cost comparisons in a second, but the main thing to remember here is….You don’t pay if they don’t watch.

That’s right. Click thru’s cost you nothing. True View Video ads on YouTube allow viewers to select whether they want to see your ad or not. We’ve all seen these pre-roll ads that show up before the feed…they have a button that says skip this ad.

Here’s some more pros to video ads:

  • Because they’re situated strategically, your target market is being exposed to 30 seconds or more video of your information, instead of a static display ad.
  • Views usually only cost pennies. In fact, many video ads we run are somewhere in the neighborhood of $.01-.08.

The real proof of a video ad’s cost effectiveness is in lead conversions.

Here are real numbers on two small video campaigns that we ran for two different clients:

This first one was aimed at creating leads for a B2B service company in a highly competitive market. What is interesting here is that the cost per visit to the website using video ad was very similar to the cost per visit for display ads (not shown here).

But that is where the similarity ended.

The display ad campaign had no conversions…let me repeat that. The display ad had no conversions. But the video campaign had 15.

This example suggests that the people who click after watching a video are probably more qualified than those who just click on a display ad.

In addition, we ran a search ad campaign which averaged about $5.60 per click and had a lower conversion rate than the video ad which only cost $0.99 per click. 



Avg. Cost per View

Website Visits

Cost per Visit

Lead Conversion

Cost per Lead








This second campaign was designed to generate awareness for a consumer product in the automotive industry. Since there wasn’t any opportunity for conversions, the goal here was to create views and visits at a lower cost than search ads.

This campaign achieved an average per view cost of $.02 (viewer watched at least 30 seconds).  The cost per website visit was $0.63



Avg. Cost per View

Website Visits

Cost per Visit






Video ads drive sales for only pennies per view.
As you can see from these two examples the ROI on video ads is very strong, especially when you compare it to search engine or banner ads.

The success of a video ad is based on many factors, but one of the biggest is the fact that they’re targeted according to the YouTube video that the viewer is already searching.

Essentially, you’re promoting your service or product to someone who is part of your intended demographic and most likely is already familiar with the concept/product.

  • They provide way more information than static alternatives.
  • It doesn’t cost you a penny when a viewer skips it.
  • As a branding tool they can’t be beat.
  • Video ads provide instant explanations and messages that resonate quickly with viewers.

Don’t let your reluctance to make a video prevent you from taking advantage of this incredible tool.
So many business owners I know almost cringe when they think about making a video…it’s too hard…it’s too time consuming…it’s too expensive.

Well, considering lead conversions…it’s too expensive to ignore them.

If you dread the thought of making a video ad, reach out to an agency. At OverGo, we walk our clients through the process so it’s painless. You can find out more by contacting our studio or requesting a free assessment.

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