Use Facebook Ad Reach Objective to Get More Webinar Signups


Did you know that you can use Facebook Advertising's Reach Objective to drive more webinar attendees?

Typically, webinar campaigns are short. We run ours for four to five days. That's because most people who sign up one or two weeks before usually don't attend. This is a fact, even with the use of email reminders to your attendees.

With a short time frame, plus a small audience, we find the Reach Objective to be really effective for webinar campaigns. Watch this video to find out how or continue reading below.

In your Facebooks Ads Manager, create a campaign and select REACH as your Marketing Objective.

select reach as facebook marketing objective

After defining your Audience by filling out the details required in your ad set, you will see at the bottom of the page a unique area which is just for Reach campaigns.

facebook advertising delivery

In the FREQUENCY CAP Section, select how many times you want your audience to see your ad and over how many daysWe would like this small audience, a warm audience comprised of around 4,000 people, to see the webinar ad campaign 4 times within a span of 5 days.

facebook reach objective frequency cap

Now, let us take a look at the results we got for this webinar campaign using Facebook's REACH marketing objective for a warm audience.

facebook advertising reach objective results

We can see here that we had 28 conversions at a cost per conversion of $4.17. The frequency was 3.45, which is the average number of times that each person in this audience saw this ad. This corresponds to what we wanted (we set the Frequency Cap to 4 times in 5 days). The ad reached 2,119 people out of the 4,000 and we only spent $116 in this particular ad set.

This was a good result for this client, considering the value of the product that they're selling at this specific webinar. With these results, we found that Facebook's REACH campaigns worked better than conversion campaigns when targeting a small audience in a short time frame.

short timeframe small audience facebook reach campaign

That's my tip for the day. I hope this gives you a good idea on how your ads can perform better to a warm or limited audience. 

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