5 Things You Are Doing That Restrict Business Growth

by Rick Kranz on March 22, 2017

Maybe business is good. Maybe it's bad. Whatever the current state of your business, it can always be better. Despite the best intentions of every business owner or manager, there's a lot of ways your current approach is restricting the business's potential for growth.

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Your Mobile Website Sucks

by Rick Kranz on April 25, 2016

I recently had a conversation with a client that I consult on a regular basis.

She owns a service company and is about to begin a much needed website redesign project. Let’s call her "Mary" for the rest of my tale...

Mary asked me if I could provide advice on their website visitors (the buyer's journey) so that they can create a better user experience & capture more leads.

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Samepage Collaboration Software

by Rick Kranz on March 08, 2016

Do you have a tool that helps keep your team members on the same page?

At OverGo Studio we invested a lot of time searching for the perfect collaborative tool. We've gone through a dozen different collaboration products over the years. None of them really fulfilled all our needs, until we discovered Samepage.

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New Tool for The Biz Geeks: HubSpot CRM

by Rick Kranz on February 26, 2016

When new software is able to increase productivity for business owners- I jump on it.

Who knows, new tech could open new opportunities to grow your business!

I've seen a lot of tech come and go. I've also seen a bunch stay only to get better and better.

Enter HubSpot. I was an earlier adopter of HubSpot. Years ago I wouldn't have been able to fathom the product it has turned into today. 

So...are you using HubSpot’s CRM?  It is completely Free - forever. AND you don’t need to be a HubSpot customer to use it.

It’s easy to setup and most people can get it going without any help.

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We Are a HubSpot Award Winning Inbound Marketing Agency

by Kelly Kranz on February 16, 2016

We are proud to announce that OverGo Studio is the winner of HubSpot's Impact Award for Client Growth Story!

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