Square Video VS Landscape Video (16:9) for Facebook Advertising


Which format should you be using for your Facebook video marketing and Facebook advertising?

Square videos or Landscape Videos? 

Watch this video to find out which format produces better engagement results or continue reading below.

Buffer did a study and they found that square videos got 30 to 35% more views versus landscape videos.

square video for facebook advertising marketing more views

They also found that square videos had 80 to 100% more engagement.

square video for facebook advertising marketing more engagement

These results clearly show that square videos are the winner on the organic side. But what about with paid video ads? They found that square video ads cost 8 to 10% less than landscape videos when measuring based on the cost of engagement of the video.

square video for facebook advertising marketing less engagement

We've been suggesting to our clients that they should be using a square video in their ads whenever they can. If you don't have the in-house resources to create a square video, there's a web application called Wave from Animatron that's very user-friendly. It helps you produce various video formats with just a click.

square video format for facebook advertising marketing

That's my tip for the day and I hope this helps you decide whether creating square videos for your Facebook advertising and marketing is worth it or not.

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