HubSpot CRM: New Tool Target Accounts


Rick (00:00):Have you seen the new target account tool that's available inside of the HubSpot CRM? It's a new feature. So most likely you haven't seen it yet, or you haven't tried it yet, but it's really, really helpful if you're doing any kind of account-based marketing or if you have any target accounts in your system that you want to track the progress of. It aggregates all of those accounts into one area, a dashboard and gives you a full reporting and full visibility into what's going on with those accounts. It's really great. So, let's jump into this and I'll show you how it works.

Rick (00:33):We have 12 target accounts in here, and it shows me that one has an open deal. And also you could see that it keeps track of the buyer roles and the influencer roles. And it shows me that I have 4 target accounts here that are missing buying roles. So that's pretty cool. It also, you can sort by tier so you can set, okay. I have tier 1 target accounts, tier 2 target accounts, tier 3 credit accounts. You can sort by industry. So if you have hundreds of targets accounts or a thousand target accounts in here, you can search by industry.

Rick (01:08):You can go by lifecycle too, to see what stage they're in. And then when you click in to a specific account, it will show you the buying roles. So here you see, we've identified the budget holder, we've identified the influencer. And if I scroll down more, you'd see that we had identified also the buyer or the decision-maker. And then it shows you what the last engagement was and how much contact you've had with them. So this is really, really, really helpful if you're doing any kind of account-based marketing. And here it shows that we're missing 4 buying roles. And 4 of our target accounts are missing buying roles and 4 are missing decision-making roles.

Rick (01:50): Then on the side, we have different views that we can collect. So we have a no open tasks view. So this shows that in this list of target accounts, there's 11 that don't have any open tasks. We can show no logged calls is either that they don't have any log calls, meetings. So there's only three target accounts that haven't had meetings yet, open deals. So 11 do not have any open deals, decision-makers, no decision makers with 4 do not have any decision makers. And then recommendations, so this is pretty cool. So after a while, as you build up your target accounts in here, HubSpot's AI will go and find other recommendations for you to make target accounts. And then right from this list, you can click, you can look at the recommendations they're making and you can click either dismiss or add to a target account. If you need any help with this new feature, feel free to use the link on this page and book a meeting with me, and I'd be happy to jump on and help you set this up.

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