New Data Highlights Biggest CRM Challenges From Sales Execs


State of inbound marketing report

HubSpot just released the 2015 State of Inbound Marketing Report. They surveyed nearly 4,000 marketing and sales professionals.

One of the many findings in this report shows sales teams that are unsuccessful are two times more likely to not use a CRM. While the incentive is there to use a CRM there are still barriers. 


The report highlights the struggles sales teams are having with their CRMs.  Front line salespeople see manual data entry as the number one issue they struggle with.

However, as we move through a sales organization the perceived biggest CRM challenge varies greatly depending on who we ask.


Biggest CRM Challenge by Company Level

Leaders, managers, and reps all cite a different #1 CRM challenge




VP or Director



Manager or Senior Manager


Individual Contributor



While executives cite lack of adoption by their sales managers as the number one issue, sales managers say it is the lack of integration with other tools that is the number one problem. And not surprisingly salespeople who are responsible for keeping the CRM up to date say that data entry is their number one issue.

Across all levels data entry comes out as the number one issue closely followed by lack of integration. 


What Is Your Biggest CRM Challenge?

Manual data entry wears on salespeople


Based upon the results of this study it would seem to make sense that sales teams should adopt a CRM with automatic data entry or at least find ways to streamline their current systems data entry. 

Charts republished from HubSpot's State of Inbound 2015