7 Landing Page Tweaks for Better Lead Generation



If the traffic to your landing page is good, but lead generation is stalled, make these changes today!

1. Add bullets

If your page doesn’t already use bullet points, add them immediately! Landing page copy should be:

  • short
  • to the point, and
  • enticing.
See what we did there? Bullet points can help make it easier to read, which boosts a landing page’s performance.

2. Change your headline

The headline should always start with an action verb. If it doesn’t, change it now. If it already does, try changing the verb you’re using or completely redo the whole headline.

Tell your viewers exactly what it is you want them to do and what the offer is! If you can tell them briefly WHAT to do and WHY, that's thw winning formula.

3. Fix your form

Are you asking too much? Your form should ask only the necessary questions, and the depth of information you require should be in proportion to the value of the offer. For instance, if you are offering a simple check list, you might only be able to get a person's name and email address. If it's a 100-page research study, you can get company name, phone number, address, job title - you get the picture!

The form placement is also important, a form should always be placed above the fold on your landing pages. If it’s not, move it above the fold immediately!

Are you using the dreaded "submit" text on your form button? Even though it's called a submit button, choose another word with a more positive connotation for your button. Some alternatives include "get it," "get yours now," "download," "start here," "send mine!"

4. Change your hero image

A hero image is the main image on a landing page. If you don’t have one, add one that goes along with the offer. If you already have one, try changing it to be more relevant. For eBook offers we generally place an image of the eBook cover so that people know exactly what to expect.

7 Landing Page Tweaks for Better Lead Generation http://www.overgovideo.com/blog/lead-generation-landing-pages via @overgostudio

5. Remove all unnecessary distractions

Elements such as the navigation menu, follow me modules, CTAs, etc. should not be on the landing page. If you have any of these on the page you should get rid of them immediately. Don’t give your visitors a way to leave the page before they convert!

6. Promote your pages

Social media is a great place to promote your landing pages. This can help you get some really good leads and also increase your involvement on social media. Today's audience expects great visuals. Consider creating a series of images for each content offer and share them all, particularly if your audience is on Pinterest.

7. Check CTA to landing page alignment

This one is simpler than it sounds. If your call-to-action buttons, images and links promise "10 ways to wow your guests at your next dinner party!" your landing page should use similar language and imagery. If they click that link and get to a landing page that offers instead, "12 recipes for summer entertaining" there is a big disconnect. At this point you've lost the trust and interest of your visitor. Remember this when changing your CTAs and landing page messaging - make sure there is no disconnect left behind!


You don't have to be stuck with crummy landing pages. If you use all seven suggestions, your conversion rates will improve!

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