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Digital marketing consists of more than clever email sequences, lead nurturing campaigns, and hyper-targeted Facebook ads. It is made of our blood, our sweat, our tears. That’s because we’re not just trying to sell products. We’re trying to improve lives — those of our customers, our clients, and our employees.

When our marketing strategies fail, it feels as though we have failed those that matter most. And when we can’t determine WHY our strategies aren’t working, it can become maddening.

That’s no way to live.

We’ve spent decades in the marketing industry, and we know what it’s like when things aren’t going as planned. Luckily, we discovered how to quickly and effectively analyze marketing efforts and optimize them for success.

This breakthrough is why OverGo Studio created a free digital marketing tuner designed to show businesses which parts of their marketing strategy are working, which parts aren’t, and what steps they can take to improve!

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How does our Digital Marketing Tuner work?

Our Digital Marketing Tuner is based on the same proprietary methodology we have used to generate millions in revenue, achieve international success, and earn HubSpot’s top honor.

The online tool, which takes around a minute to complete, asks a series of progressively-customized questions. The answers you give help determine the next set of questions you're shown, ensuring that the results are tailored to your business’ unique circumstances.

When you finish the survey, we’ll immediately email you a detailed report that highlights the areas in which you’re strong, as well as the ones that need some work. Of course, understanding what’s broken is only part of the solution.

You also need to know what you can do to improve. That’s why we’ll include customized action items you can use to boost performance in any area that might need help. We’ll also direct you to a range of free tools and resources you can use to finetune your digital marketing efforts.


What does the Digital Marketing Tuner analyze?

Our Digital Marketing Tuner closely analyzes each of the core components of a winning digital marketing strategy. Here are a few of the measurements we take into consideration before making recommendations:


Website Traffic Website Traffic improvements

To gain a better understanding of your current marketing efforts, we need to take a closer look at your website traffic. While this will include your overall traffic, we also segment views based on organic and paid traffic. This helps paint a much clearer picture, and it lets us provide better advice.


Lead Generation improvementsLead Generation

Generating website traffic is important, but it’s also imperative to understand how well your audience is converting. Our questions are designed to locate any holes in your lead-gen machine and make recommendations on how you can convert even more visitors into leads.


Paid ad campaigns Email Campaigns + Lead Nurturing

Email is one of the most powerful tools any marketer has, yet it is often under-utilized, or worse — abused and misused, or ignored entirely. We analyze your present and past performance and propose a future course of action. We also take a look at your lead nurturing, to find (and fill) any holes that might exist.


Digital Marketing SalesSales

Finally, we take a look at the really big picture — sales. How well are your marketing efforts paying off, and how much room do you have to grow? These are just a few of the components we analyze in the last, and most important, section.


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