What I'm Most Looking Forward to at Inbound 2014



Peg Fitzpatrick, the Aquarium, and free food. In that order. Just kidding. Kind of.

Boston is a fabulous city, and less than two hours where I grew up in southern Maine. So it's almost like going home, except people talk really funny. "Kah Keys" and "Hahvaad Yahd." It's not just a cliche, it's the ear-confusing truth. Two of my favorite radio personalities, Tom and Rick or "Click and Clack" from CarTalk are there, too. Hardly a week goes by without me listening to those goofballs laugh at themselves while I clean my house. I guess you could say they're responsible for me not becoming a total slob.

I have visions of running (OK, jogging) the streets around my little apartment. Since I am not a morning person, we will see how that goes. Hope I can pull it off though - it's a great way to get ready for a long day!

Anyway, Inbound 2014 is THE place to be for inbound marketers this September. It's three days of non-stop learning and networking opportunities for HubSpot customers, HubSpot partners (like us), and anyone who wants to learn more about inbound or content marketing. I've always wanted to go - it was just never in the budget - business or otherwise. Now that I'm with OverGo, I'm really looking forward to my first time!

The People

Seriously, I have had the greatest admiration for Peg Fitzpatrick since the first time she popped up on my social streams. Incurably positive and unbelievably generous and real, I've wanted to meet her forever! She's also super outgoing, which should help this introverted conference-goer feel just a little more at ease.

I've worked with Jill Fratianne of HubSpot for years. She's been my biggest inbound cheerleader all along. Really looking forward to dinner with her on Tuesday night.

A couple of friends of mine from Maine are going to be there, too. Bill and Audrey - see you there!

ALL the people! OK, so crowds are not my thing. I find it overwhelming and exhausting. But, it will be a real treat to be surrounded by so many people who have a passion for inbound.

The #Inbound14 Topics

So many topics, I really need to clone myself to get to all of them. Several time slots on my agenda are double-booked because everything sounds so good!!! Though I have a special passion for social media, I've forced myself to put several "out of my comfort zone" sessions on my agenda. After all, how much can you learn if you don't?

For instance, on Tuesday, "5 Tools “Boring Industry” Marketers Can Use" with Dan Moyle. We don't tend to work with a lot of rock star clients here at OverGo, but that doesn't mean they don't deserve to market like rock stars in their industry! Looking forward to some great tips here.

Then there's "All The Right SEO Moves: How To Think Strategically About Search & Avoid Common Traps" with Danny Sullivan. SEO is NOT my thing at all, but I really should broaden my horizons a bit. Plus, I like Danny Sullivan. :)

On Tuesday, I cannot wait for "The Perfect Post" with Guy Kawasaki and Peg Fitzpatrick from Canva (and really, just from everywhere!). I hope the room is big enough, but just in case, I may sleep there overnight and hide behind the curtain until it's time for them to start.

Thursday is going to be fun because OverGo's CEO Rick Kranz is speaking at the presentation, "Leveraging HubSpot's Media Partners to Drive High Quality Leads for Your Clients." It's something we've been talking about a lot here at OverGo in the last month or so, and it's always fun to watch someone you know speak. Kelly and I will be there to cheer him on!

Another "broccoli" event I'm going to (it's good for me but not as appealing as ice cream) is "What Is Inbound Selling? (And Why You Need it Now)." I'm a terrible sales person and I hate even trying, but John Jantsch is a very smart guy and the name of his agency, "Duct Tape Marketing" really makes me wish I'd thought of it first.

The After, After, After, After Party

At some point, I WILL be at the aquarium. Probably Thursday. I hope they still have the leafy sea dragons. Those are the best. I'll probably have to lug my bags with me, but it'll be worth it. Then I head to get my car at the airport. I'm renting through FlightCar. It's kind of an interesting arrangement. People park their cars for free. If someone wants to rent it while they are gone, they get paid for it, and I get a rental car for super-cheap! Here's hoping it doesn't break down on me!

From there I'm heading up to my home state of Maine to stay with my fabulous friend and fellow Pinterest-fanatic, Tina and her husband Steve who thinks we are a little crazy. There we will eat lobster (well, I will), do all my "must-dos" (including The Christmas Tree Shop) and participate in the Insane Inflatable 5K in Scarborough. It's 5K of giant boucy castle type obstacles. That should be interesting. There will be photos. Probably on our "Behind the Scenes" Pinterest board. If you haven't already, you should definitely check it out. We get a little colorful sometimes.

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